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ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

ServiceNow GRC

Easy to implement. Vendor was very attentive until delivey. Ensured weekly status calls.


ServiceNow Change and Release Management, Other...

light years ahead of the competition

This was an extremely easy product to implement and integrate with, easy to use and train


Impementaion is easy but integration options are little tricky

Informative and supportive

ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Implementation was fairly easy once our process was mapped.

Admin guides, although available were at times confussing due to versions.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management, ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Other...

Product has much flexibility but often requires customization

ServiceNow provides good roadmap and a platform that is felixible in adopting to internal processes. At times the ServiceNow product seems too broad leaving us to implement details. One of the advantage of using a mature product is to also inherit best practices that are built into the tool. In this realm ServiceNow seems to be playing catchup. What is encouraging is that for most problems that I have run into, someone in the user community has tried it. There are also many great third party plugins available to help integrate with other enterprise solutions such as SAP, Git etc.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management, Other...

Very Flexable software with growing functionality

ServiceNOW is constantly adding features and functionality... they do 2 releases a year with patches. This is all good and they do a pretty good job mainiting any configuration/setting/customizations as you upgrade. We had issues with Knowledge going to Geneva as that module was re-written.. and what we had customized/configured our system to do was not built in so we needed to redo it. I really like the ability to package and promote changes from one environment to another.. Dev to Test to Prod. this works 90% of the time so you do have to be careful but 90% is way better than what most Appliactions offer you.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management, ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Deceptively Not Flashy But Extremely Powerful and Simple

ServiceNow is a good product for GRC. It is built upon a framework of Platform-as-a-Service. Therefore, it allows us to customize the set up and configuration for our risk and compliance framework. It is simple to use based on the principle of least number of mouse click to get the right information. Comparing to other GRC solutions that we investigated at the time, the effort required to implement and deploy a GRC solution for IT Risk Management and Compliance was far less. The simplicity of ServiceNow differentiated the solution from others that try to build so many functionalities into the tool making it hard to set up and configure for multi-risk and compliance framework.