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Optimizes software deployment infrastructure to lower TCO

Solution was complex to deploy and required professional services.


Great tool to reduce network bandwidth used by SCCM

Patching and software distribuiton. Deploying large packages across sites with limited bandwidth.


Easy to implement and use

patching and bandwidth


Buy Nomad

The Nomad product is exceptional but the other items from this vendor are not as fully developed. We have had poor implementation results for every other 1E product, in part due to internal decisions. Cost seems very high.

1E-Nomad, Other...

Easy to deploy and the product works like they say it will

They are very friendly and easy to work with


1E Nomad - Effective Software distribution on limited networks

1E are engaged and supportive in both providing technical roadmaps, indications of future roadbumps or speedhumps but also in proactively communicating


Enhancing SCCM Software Distribution in a more cost effective manner.

Product was easy to implement and greatly reduced infrastructure cost related to patching. Vendor has continually enhanced the product since our earlier implementation.