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Alemba, vFire

In excellent form, expect to see as Challengers in Magic Quadrant report soon

Alemba's vFire is a fully featured end-to-end service management system, from the self- service web portal to the feature-rich and extensible web-based thick client, through to the back end which allows integration with systems such as Active Directory, VMWare's vCenter/vRO, MS SQL, PowerShell, etc. for data federation and automation. Throughout 2016 and 2017 Alemba deployed a stream of experience improvements and new features, many of which turned what were previously areas of weakness into real strengths (e.g. matching panel, autosense, dynamic forms, RESTful API). From the client experience perspective, they ran unmissable annual ANZ user group conferences in 2016 and 2017, and have been actively working with their customers in person and online to prioritise and deliver improvements and new functionality to the product and services. vFire supports an impressive breadth of processes, the core IT-facing client is still powerful and extensible for power users, and is getting easier and more pleasant to use with each update for new and occasional users (it still takes some time to learn and perform initial client configuration). The product has always had solid automation and workflow capabilities, but now with the revamped web forms it works elegantly from end to end for the complete automation of requests (e.g. application install, on-boarding new staff, server provisioning). Automation actions can also be scheduled, or initiated by the thick client; and are executed in the live environment by an orchestrator, script, SQL query or other any imaginable and executable command; meaning practically limitless opportunities.


Fanstastic IT service management tool withbusiness process optimisation and automation

The guys from Alemba have been fantastic. vFire is the market leading product in business process optimization and automation. Complimented by a full ITSM service desk system, and user portal.


Ease in use, ease in implementation

Great team to work with. Very helpful.


Forward-planning is important but great vendor support

Alemba is a fantastic vendor that look towards to future. They respect their customers and are always willing to assist.


A brave new world

Knowledgeable people who know the business and what customers expect.


Powerful workflow

easy to use, very powerful workflow engine, meets all needs.


vFire is a tool with many possibilities and configuration

Alemba has gone to great lengths to accommodate our unique requirements as a Service Provider as well as provide assistance to our organization as well as directly with our customers to provide experience and reasoning behind tool and process decisions.


Alemba is making significant improvements in an already good product.

Alemba support is very responsive and easy to work with. Support is knowledgable about the products functions and features. As with every tool, there are some opportunities for improvement for which the vendor has an excellent process for submitting requests and vetting enhancements with all clients and overall product purpose and direction in mind. We implemented with no customizations and strive to evaluate our own process and usage keeping in check with ITIL guidance as this product facilitates.



Recent change in management has breathed new life into the product.

The local team we deal with has been extremely responsive to our requests after the management changeover a couple of years ago. The employees who represent the company have a real engagement and interest in the product and this shows in the service they provide. There is also real engagement with their user community and this is visibly driving the development of the product.

Alemba, vFire, Other...

Product upgrade and support throughout it was great.

Alemba worked closely to obtain our needs and assist with the technology. They sent staff onsite and had staff on boarded via our internal processes in order to enable them to work side by side with user and internal support staff alike.