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Alemba is making significant improvements in an already good product.

Alemba support is very responsive and easy to work with. Support is knowledgable about the products functions and features. As with every tool, there are some opportunities for improvement for which the vendor has an excellent process for submitting requests and vetting enhancements with all clients and overall product purpose and direction in mind. We implemented with no customizations and strive to evaluate our own process and usage keeping in check with ITIL guidance as this product facilitates.



Recent change in management has breathed new life into the product.

The local team we deal with has been extremely responsive to our requests after the management changeover a couple of years ago. The employees who represent the company have a real engagement and interest in the product and this shows in the service they provide. There is also real engagement with their user community and this is visibly driving the development of the product.

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Product upgrade and support throughout it was great.

Alemba worked closely to obtain our needs and assist with the technology. They sent staff onsite and had staff on boarded via our internal processes in order to enable them to work side by side with user and internal support staff alike.


Not always intuitive, but the breath and depth of data and analysis is great.

Vendor has always been willing to work with us and develop the best configurations for our outcomes.


Great product, does most everything you will need in the ITIL world.

While a little quirky, once you have spent the time learning the product it does nearly everything you need in an ITIL world, and what little it doesn't you can easily ingrate custom external pieces. They are also more than able to create custom components for you if you don't have an on-staff team.


vFire Customer Portal an excellent experience for your service.

The team at Alemba are very customer focused and a fantastic team to work with to deliver desired outcomes and results. We have engaged their Professional Services, vNow Services, Service desk and have found their work ethic, professionalism and knowledge exceptional.


Taken some time, but the product is developing at a good pace, nice features being added

Working with Alemba has always been a good experience. Their staff are very knowledgeable regarding the product and take the time to understand what we are trying to achieve and help us get the best from the product. As with any tool, there are some limitations that we have adapted to, but as ever these are taken on board by the vendor and the roadmap for future releases does look to add further capability. We are looking to move up to the latest release, and at each stage, we have removed levels of customization making the tool easier to administer and manage.


It does what it's been designed to do but has some flaws & quirks that can be addressed

Worked with this product for quite some time before it was taken over by Alemba. It does what it is intended to do but there are quite a few issues within the product which have been inherited from previous versions. Can be somewhat complicated to configure for some processes if you are unsure of what you are doing.


Vendor support for upgrades has been excellent.

First level phone support generally needs improvement but sales/2nd level support has been great.


Mature Service Management System. Wide-ranging functionality that is simple to implement.

Alemba has gone beyond our expectations in assisting with the implementation. vFire is a mature tool that has been in the market (Infra/VMware Service Manager) for many years. vFire has been stable and performed very well. The ease of implementation compared to other Service Management applications has surprised business areas within the Department and has exceeded expectations.