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Jira Service Desk

Inexpensive but a lack of features

Jira Service Desk is a solid hosted help desk at a decent ( GREAT) price, but lags the competition lacking both knowledge base and social media capabilities. As a small software company we were fine with that compromise .

Jira Service Desk

Moderately complicated migration, but a very robust, flexible, and powerful tool.

Import from Zendesk was very difficult. Private agent comments are migrated as public. Reporting is very limited.

Jira Service Desk

Implemented and integrated into our environment.

Evaluate all features and processes before implementing.

Jira Service Desk

One of the best customer support service tools in the market!

It is reliable and maintains transparency for each unit of work that is logged into the system. It has the ability to send automated emails to the requestors and other stakeholders which is really helpful as they can know what stage their request is in. It helps in building trust and keeping clients and other stake holders informed. It integrates well with outlook and other related products. It integrates with Confluence which is another good product from Atlassian. The best part is it is user friendly and doesn't need a lot of training. Another good feature is that it is real-time. I was also able to use it on my phone which is another feature that I really like. It renders well on mobile devices and other hand held devices, which is much needed in today's world.

Jira Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk - Taking Your Service Desk to the Next Level!

If you are still researching for a service desk, work assignment and management tool, I suggest you stop now and implement JIRA Service Desk. JIRA Service Desk provides anything you could possible need, from intake to completion (including entering customer satisfaction). Moreover, if you already have Atlassian products like JIRA and Confluence, integration will be virtually seamless.

Jira Service Desk

Smooth implementation of Service Desk

The Service Desk implementation was an extension of our existing JIRA implementation. The implementation was smooth and easy to understand, cloud based, and cost effective. The primary impetus was the replacement of a less functional help desk ticketing system that was not cost effective.

Jira Service Desk

Product is usable, but not a standout

Adequate support for the product, as delivered. Not very responsive to feature requests or user feedback.


Great Tool, but a tool can not fix communication issues itself

We were really overwhelmed by all the functions that could be used. At first, we had to specify our use case and narrow down, what we really need. There is also a wide range of plugins. So we created a workflow and optimised it. Now we have Version 3.1 of our own workflow and we are quite happy with this. We are using JIRA to communicate in a better way with our customers and to organise ourselves. This is not as good as it should be, but we are getting better and trying to improve.

Jira Service Desk

Easy setup against existing JIRA instance, great tool if you keep it simple

Like similar software packages, your results will vary depending on the quality of your implementation. It's easy with Jira to over design things like forms and workflows, and finding the right balance between simplicity and complexity is crucial. We rolled it out quicky and saved a good amount of money over service now because we were able to bolt JSD onto our existing JIRA instance. Now all of our trackables are in one system which is also convenient.


Jira Service Desk

Swift implementation, integration with our Dev team, exceptional configuration support.

superior turnaround time. efficiency in managing our needs specified needs. strong assistance (including Insight, third-party vendor partner recommendation) converting from a customized square-peg-round-hole "hack" we were using to convert sugarcrm to "it-support ticketing" system.