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Jira Service Desk

Easy setup against existing JIRA instance, great tool if you keep it simple

Like similar software packages, your results will vary depending on the quality of your implementation. It's easy with Jira to over design things like forms and workflows, and finding the right balance between simplicity and complexity is crucial. We rolled it out quicky and saved a good amount of money over service now because we were able to bolt JSD onto our existing JIRA instance. Now all of our trackables are in one system which is also convenient.

Jira Service Desk

Swift implementation, integration with our Dev team, exceptional configuration support.

superior turnaround time. efficiency in managing our needs specified needs. strong assistance (including Insight, third-party vendor partner recommendation) converting from a customized square-peg-round-hole "hack" we were using to convert sugarcrm to "it-support ticketing" system.


Implementation is easy and maintains the required strategy

It is great way of managing the risks and issues involved in a Project and also to track new features and fixes and helps maintain a rapo of SCRUM management.

Jira Service Desk

Good for small and immature ITSM rollouts

The vendor offers very minimal support without paying for an expensive add-on subscription. The tool is good for an organzation just starting out in ITSM that needs very minimal functiaonlity of core components (Incident, Request, Change, self-service). The tool is very restrictive and difficult to customize without engaging 3rd party services.

Jira Service Desk


it was smooth implementation.

Jira Service Desk

Easy to implement but needs functional improvements

A good tool, still evolving with the features. Liked the integration with Confluence

Jira Service Desk

Implementation was easy and user expirence is good

Very easy to install, configure and use.

Jira Service Desk

Got a Service Desk and a whole lot more.

We love it. We are building a knowledge base we never had. We already use Confluence and keep self-help documention in the wiki so integration with service desk was a real bonus. We also are using the Insights piece and this has been great for inventory management tied to service desk. We also have been able to use JIRA to develop some paperless processes for time off and travel requests.


Jira Service Desk

Product worked great but organizational adoption was slow

Product worked as advertised.

Jira Service Desk

Feature/Functionality - what was needed

Has been a good experience. We implemented as part of a major software project we were doing with a partner vendor. Leveraging the expertise of the partner in their utilization of Jira, we have decided to adopt for our organization.