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Transition over from our previous system was smooth, and Footprints is a lot easier to use

It works well to assist people in the field when an issue comes up. It's easy to use, and easy to learn how to use.


Much better options out there.

Product is very hard to configure and support has to be paid for especially with the Asset Core module

Remedy ITSM Suite

Mixed Reviews on BMC's Remedy Incident Management Console

I have mixed feelings about BMC's Remedy Incident Management console. One of the downsides is the slowness of the search feature. It is so slow that I can locate information faster by searching emails rather than use the search feature in Remedy. Also, the screen refreshes frequently and clears out my recent entries which cause me to duplicate my efforts. As for the upside, there are a couple of features that I do like. One is the ability to customize the fields of my workload queue which allows me to spot the priorities faster. The feature I like best is how easy it is to work with my tickets. The direct input method is almost as easy as filling out an email ticket. Adding work details, attaching documentation, and resolving incidents are very easy which allows me to accomplish more.

BMC Discovery, Remedy ITSM Suite

Out of box ITIL solution works well

The BMC team was professional and always available for assistance.

BMC Discovery, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, Remedy Incident Management

BMC Integration with other products (e.g. HP) is cumbersome

BMC BPPM needed to be customized to interact with our existing HP OpenVIew product. BMC did not have an integration tool, so 3rd party was necessary,

Remedy Incident Management

Good helpdesk software to keep your users up to date.

Good software for tracking incidents. Offers good emailing support to keep clients up to date for updates on the tickets. Sometimes during the day when it is being used heavily its performance will be slow.

Remedy ITSM Suite

Lots of functionality, but be careful what you wish for...

While the software has a lot of functionality, the end user experience definitely needs to be improved. While the software offers flexibility in deployment, this flexibility became a curse for using best of breed processes. The Remedy on Demand performance started as very slow, but has improved (although it still seems sluggish at times).


They are called Customers for a reason

The ITSM Market place is being dominated by one-size fits all solutions under the guise "Industry Best Practices". Remedy's forte and significant product differentiator was the ability to customize and adapt thier solutions to Organizational best practices. Since IT executives don't want to be bothered with the specialized needs and innovative approaches sought by their internal customers, they prefer to do everything just like everbody else. For most of this decade BMC was forced (and in some cases quite content) to follow the crowd, abandon their roots and sell whatever looked like what the competition was peddling. Recent efforts seem to indicate that they are re-thinking this strategy by recognizing that it just might be a good idea to get back to dealing with CUSTOMers, instead of consumers. Having worked with the AR System Development tools for over 20 years, I can say, without and hesitation that Remedy RAD in the 90s was unparalled. I could build better-cheaper-faster CUSTOM solutions for my organization in a fraction of the time it would take to build any remotely similar application in anyother Dev environment. In my opinion, IF BMC had embraced the Remedy RAD concept and continued to enhance the process and control of Custom Development the ITSM Market and their share of it would look very, VERY different today. I have tried to find Application Development Tools in today's market place that match the ease and capabilities of Remedy RAD, and NOTHING even comes close. Unfortunately, in my opinion, not even BMC's new Innovation Studio captures the sophisticated, simplicity of Remedy RAD.

FootPrints, Remedyforce

Asset Management Functionality

Asset management functionality needs to be improved.


The End of Innovation

This will likely be the last TOTALLY Custom Remedy Solution ever implemented/upgraded to v9.x. Over the past 2 decades the BMC Remedy product has abandoned it's RAD model roots in favor of a one-size-fits-all licensed software model. They have done this in order to better compete in the Rent-a-solution-and-let-the-vendor-do-everything marketplace driven by customers who have no inkling or desire to differentiate through internal innovation. They just want to run their IT businesses like everybody else and have a vendor to blame when things don't work correctly. Cumbersome "solutions" created by people in a foreign land, run by people who can only follow instructions, with processes owned by no one and used by people who just don't understand.