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BMC Discovery, Remedy ITSM Suite, Remedy Incident Management

BMC Remedy - for mature IT Teams with large budgets for software & support.

The application is very expensive, but with a lot of back end work it will do anything you want, it really looks easy during the demo stage, and integrations take a bit longer and a bit more complex than exepected.

Remedy ITSM Suite, Remedyforce

Implementation went Smoothly, but Users needed more education

Our team was able to get rapid feedback and learn quickly from the vendor without much communication loss.

FootPrints, Remedy Incident Management

The product is relatively easy to implement and rollout but analysis reporting is limited

Overall its has worked well. Reporting in this version is not very easy to use and limited on report presentation

Remedy Incident Management

Installation was easy but lots of customization required



Successful deploy / responsive but could have provided better insight into best practices

Rapid deploy / responsive

Remedy ITSM Suite

Implementation was hard, took too long, didn't deliver quality results, TCO was expensive

The technology shows its 1980s heritage in many ways, and is nearly unusable over the long term. The implementation took nearly a year, relative to 3-6 weeks for the better competitive products. We replaced an existing older Remedy solution, and the only reason we chose Remedy again was because it was "the devil you know".


Flexibility, Robust Reporting, and Multi-View: FootPrints Service Core

Our organization's overall experience with FootPrints was positive, and resulted in a more efficient operation for receiving, assigning, and completing our internal tickets and service requests.


A bit show and not much go-live support.

Just like many other solutions, the actual product functionality looked better during the sale. It's been hard to make changes (i.e. reports).


Implementation was easy but the configuration was somewhat work intensive

Consultants were knowledgeable and easy to work with through the configuration and implementation process. They provided training and documentation for our team. Phone support was also available.

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Very poor experience with the BMC Suite of tools.

Exceptionally poor support often shipped overseas and stuck in support circles resulting in a large amount of wasted time. We purchased and used premier support for a number of years and saw no value in it, dropping to standard support did not result in a different experience. Projects involving BMC tools have consistently failed or fallen very short of expected results. Rude and pushy sales staff.