Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE Service Manager

Difficult to use

very inflexible and difficult for adhoc queries although some of that may be due to the way HP provided the tool as our service suppliers

HPE Service Manager

Ease of use with less system flaws

Strong 1st & 2nd line backend support Clear & well-defined system process

HPE Service Manager

Strong Support and Developer Organisation

Good support organisation.

HPE Service Manager

Good with basic functionality, clunky user experience and legacy feel

HPSM provides basic functionality for ticket & order management, but the proactiveness is missing. What I mean by that is the automatic highlight of where an organization needs to focus such as a heat map of high issues with different views - heat map by criticality, by the customer, by internal components, by root cause etc. are missing. Also, the user experience is still clunky like it's duct taped on pre-existing thin/thick client rather than redesigning it from a user point of view

HPE Service Manager

Maintenance has been very difficult; Implementing new features is even harder

The transition from HP Open View to HP Service Manager was very painful. Partially that was due to a lack of planning and partially due to a change in the functionality available.

HPE Service Manager

Implementation of initial and subsequent releases was cumbersome. Not a strategic solution

Promises made about initial roll out, implementation, and support have not been realized. Product has not evolved as was promised, ability to realize successes on better service deliver, tracking, reporting and management has been unsatisfactory. Upgrade path is extermely labor intensive and license structure is expensive.

HPE Service Manager

Run away

Really horrible system, extremely uneasy to use. Too much dependent on IE, User Interface is non-intuitive, settings are lost again and again. Changes user's time from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy, changes their time zones creating a nuisance for the users.


Very good functionality but GUI and some features are not state of the art

Difficult to get consultants with deep technical know how and experiences in greater production environments (ca. 10.000 servers with high availability and scalability). project members had a good technical experience, but normal support is slow

HPE Service Manager

Painless Implementation, would like to see the addition of a CSI Register to the tool.

Vendor worked closely with all dedicated teams ensuring each module meet our needs. Formal training was provided. Had our best interest in mind.

HP Service Anywhere - no longer sold

Beneficial Product

Product is easy to use and contains the necessary functionality.