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Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT

Excellent breadth in tool, voice integration is a standout feature not matched elsewhere

Excellent product. Vendor is experiencing rapid growth which has impact support capacity.

Ivanti Service Desk, powered by LANDESK

Good tool overall, though we are still awaiting some functionality to be production-worthy

Although we have discovered some areas that require further development by the vendor to be production hardened, the tool itself has proven to be easy to configure and use. The underlying code and data layers are abstracted into a GUI designer interface tool, which can be frustrating at times but also makes it faster for new staff to learn and reduces the danger of inadvertent customization. Some of the user interface components are global rather than local in scope, making it difficult to personalize experiences in the tool, but that is only an inconvenience. Overall we are very happy with the LANDESK tool.

Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT

Trust your vendor's project manager

While at time scheduling times for collaborating with vendor was difficult, the vendor representatives were knowledgable and willing to assist us in setting up the product. Personality and project management styles on both sides being different, in hind sight I'd say it would be best to try to trust the vendor's project manager as they've implemented their product with many different companies.

Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT

Product is maturing every release and has become very robust and is integral to our team.

Early on there were challenges and limitations with the product as it was their first foray into Cloud. They were also immature in their serive management practices. But over the years their product and internal practices have matured significantly and they have been able to meet almost all of our needs. The investment they are making in this product is evident.

Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT

HEAT Software: Leader in Service and Innovation

I have worked with the HEAT Software company for 15 years and nothing but great service all around.

Ivanti Service Desk, powered by LANDESK

Tool is fleible but needs a more HTML feel.

The product did the job as requested but was not well received among the user-base. Reporting was done through Crystal Reports and was subpar at best.

Ivanti Service Desk, powered by LANDESK

Guided implementation with a 3rd Party delivered great results

We have a proven history w/LANDesk and the LANDesk Service Desk is no exception. The flexability to digitize our existing business processes and add more automation and reporting has proven to be a success. Our user base adopted the new technology quickly, and self service and knowledge base has proven to help manage call volume on an increasingly complex environment.

Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT

Go with OOTB

We customized too much from OOTB

Ivanti Service Desk, powered by LANDESK

Happy with LDMS but dissatisfied with LDSD - Especially "Workspaces"

Positive experience with the LDMS (PC Fleet Management) package did not translate to a good experience with Service Desk. The product is overwhelmed with legacy code and artifacts. Although they offer two web versions of the software, in actuality only one works (WebAcess) and that version is extremely complicated and old. The newer "Workspaces" version was by their own admission released prematurely. We assumed we could release on the Workspaces platform but were shocked at how badly the product was limited. It was difficult to get honest answers from Landesk that would enable us to plan realistic rollout schedules. In comparison with LDMS, LDSD is a poor product.

Ivanti Service Management, powered by HEAT,Other...

DSM works great...Service Management not so much

The DSM (Desktop/Server Manager) portion of the project went very well. The SaaS tenant requires a lot of customization to fit our business needs.