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Service Desk Plus

Good ticketing tool with an affordable cost

very good ticketing tool for Classification ,assignment and prioritization of requests

Service Desk Plus

Easy to implement and manage

Needs to be care full about the updates and test it before put in to live

Service Desk Plus

Basic ServiceDesk software for a cheap price

It only provides basic servicedesk functionality. Very poor reporting engine. Other features have only minimal capabilites. Very poor integration capabilites, non exististant notification capabilities. The manufacture is trying to evolve, but mainly in the minor features and interface. There is no long term vision. ManageEngine is not a partner so much as a provider of simple software.

Service Desk Plus

Capable Software, customizable without programming necessary on most areas

Subtasks are not able to be assigned to a main ticket. This is something that I have used in other helpdesk applications and something I had considered a basic necessity in order to complete something as simple as a new hire work order. Tasks there are broken down to employees who are not necessarily a part of the helpdesk application however could need respective tasks to be completed in order to onboard a new employee or similarly for termination. Solution provided has been a script which so far has not worked properly and must be addressed in order to solve the issue of notifying other employees of a task that needs to be completed.

Service Desk Plus

Service Desk Plus Needs to Step into the 21st Century.

Technical Support is terrible, no SLA's for support. Communication barrier; Product lacks some of the normal product items like resizing columns in a GUI.


Implementation and Product Usage made Easy with AD Self ServicePro

ManagenEngine support team is very knowledgable on their products and provides quick efficient support

Service Desk Plus

Good user interface experience; easy adoption

The product has delivered on what we were sold and needed. The price is great and the service and availability have been second to none.

Service Desk Plus

Good company tons of IT solutions

I worked with the vendor with initial install and config. they were very responsive and helpful with the implementation. The over all experience was very good. Answeres when I called and replied to all emails.

Service Desk Plus

Extremely configurable but not for the faint of heart

Very flexible, very deep and required considerable staff time to configure but the results have been worth it

Service Desk Plus

Implementation was easy enough, but it needs some UX/UI redesign

It functions like a ticketing system should. It allows you keep track of issues, keep notes on them, and store solutions for reference later. It is even (mostly) ITIL compliant. Its interface leaves a bit to be desired. It would have benefitted from more extensive UX testing and development. Instead, it is not always easy or intuitive to navigate, and is not as simple as it could be in creating/closing tickets. Overall, it's a decent application that could use a little UX work, and it has plenty of other applications that it can interface with if you choose to buy those as well.