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SAP Solution Manager

Successful implementation although early adoption of latest release

focussed consulting and efficient implementation

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SAP Solution Manager

Great features and functionality, but difficult to install and configure

Good product and functionality. However it is a bit cumbersome to configure and use

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager - Great functionality but complex and difficult to find people

SAP Solution Manager comes with the product, but has matured significantly over the past 5 years. The level of integration and process maturity makes it an excellent product. It is difficult to implement though and not many people have expertise to do it properly.

SAP Solution Manager

Product is not intuitive

Product is not intuitive and is difficult for end users whom do not use the tool more than once or twice a year.

SAP Solution Manager

Very impressive suite, but the implementation of many components is too complex.

It's very well managed.

SAP Solution Manager

Product is really good and makes sense for the overall SAP & Application landscape.

Good but sometimes cumbersome to collaborate with.

SAP Solution Manager

Operational Effectiveness - Do more with less effort.

It is really a required product - overall good.