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ServiceNow Service Management

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ServiceNow is a good product

ServiceNow Service Management

Early Adopter Review of ServiceNow

At the time in 2010, we were early adopters of ServiceNow and we felt that we were oversold on the 'out-of-the-box' capabilities once we went live.

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ServiceNow Change and Release Management

Change Management & ServiceNow

The vendor we utilised was fairly new to this market so we did some learning together. The vendor support (ServiceNow) was exceptional, though.

ServiceNow Service Management

Good product, improvement on previous release. Better interface, more intuitive.

Like the new release, once we became familiar with product. Good search capability. Good capacity to expand functionality.

ServiceNow Orchestration

ServiceNow Skyrockets Success

The ServiceNow system allows extensive design possibilities. We have been very pleased with the PaaS system.

ServiceNow Service Management

Easier implementation and robust out of box functionality

Easy implementation and excellent out of the box functionality

ServiceNow Change and Release Management

Implementation was hard due to the inexperience the vendor had with life sciences business

ServiceNow was much more attentive during the licensing purchase than later in the relationship. The product was sound but the Master partner we chose to implement with because ServiceNow consultants were unavailable, was lacking in organization. Fruition Partners under bid the amount in the area of QA testing by 300% which cost us a 3-month delay.

ServiceNow Change and Release Management

Implementation was efficient and as expected

ServiceNow was a fantastic product and implementation partner. Their methodology and product are first class and while SN can be quite an expense, it was worth the additional expense.

ServiceNow Orchestration, Other...

Innovation cycle is great and the product is very well built.

What works well: The product innovation cycle has been keeping base with our needs as well as the market. Integration of the various tools in our company has been relatively easy from vendor and user community integration options. The fully contained product suite allows for business process integration. Customization is not release dependant. What needs improvement: Platform speed is becoming an issue and there is no clear way to remediate this, as we increase the amount of reliance on the platform we need help keeping the tool responding. Also, the cost model is not friendly to large client implementation, there is too much negotiation for feature sets. The release process and testing ability are not strong enough, development on the platform by multiple groups is not easily done without a lot of instances (which cost). Testing is not accomplished as part of the platform and no tools really exist to manage regression test buckets.


ServiceNow Change and Release Management

Very solid product with strong support model

Been an awesome journey from the start. Having worked for other organizations that adopted different tools, this product is the entire service management tool in a single package.