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ServiceNow Service Management

Early Adopter Review of ServiceNow

At the time in 2010, we were early adopters of ServiceNow and we felt that we were oversold on the 'out-of-the-box' capabilities once we went live.

ServiceNow Service Management

Easier implementation and robust out of box functionality

Easy implementation and excellent out of the box functionality

ServiceNow Orchestration, Other...

Innovation cycle is great and the product is very well built.

What works well: The product innovation cycle has been keeping base with our needs as well as the market. Integration of the various tools in our company has been relatively easy from vendor and user community integration options. The fully contained product suite allows for business process integration. Customization is not release dependant. What needs improvement: Platform speed is becoming an issue and there is no clear way to remediate this, as we increase the amount of reliance on the platform we need help keeping the tool responding. Also, the cost model is not friendly to large client implementation, there is too much negotiation for feature sets. The release process and testing ability are not strong enough, development on the platform by multiple groups is not easily done without a lot of instances (which cost). Testing is not accomplished as part of the platform and no tools really exist to manage regression test buckets.


ServiceNow Service Management

Flexible tool with some areas of limitations

Expensive modules and functionality that need to be customized to get value out of investment

ServiceNow Service Management

Be careful and push for the A team

We were reassured that we had a quality project team from ServiceNow who could guide us through implementation while keeping us as close to out of the box as possible and to keep with industry best practices. The SN project team was eventually fired and we had to bring in a new vendor to clean up what wasn't completed and to get us through to completion.

ServiceNow Service Management

Implementation was smooth and easy.

I was not directly involved with the vendor.

ServiceNow Service Management

Good overall ITSM processes and tools

Not having a customer type portal in the beginning forced us to develop a custom portal, which hasn't worked very well behind the scenes. Now that they will be coming out with one in the next release, we may scrap what was developed even though there was quite a cost to it.

ServiceNow Service Management

Successful rollout via phased migration from Remedy

The product install itself was straightforward, but we were migrating from Remedy so that migration/translation took longer than expected and was a bit more painful than expected, forcing us to ultimately phase the rollout.

ServiceNow Service Management

Implementation was easy and is being integrated into many other areas of our organziation.

The tool is incredibly powerful, and the customer support is stellar.

ServiceNow Service Management

Implementation was easy but licensing is a little pricey

The software is very intuitive, easy to use, and customizable