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Implementation was easy

Good product and has lot to offer


Solarwinds met our network monitoring needs

Great support


User interface

Excited to see what more it has to offer. Getting familar with the tool is a challenge.


Great Tool

Overall Satisfied. Product is proven and is part of the company's monitoring solution.

SolarWinds, Other...

Dameware - Better than Remote Desktop

I can see what the user is seeing and diagnose the issue and never have to leave my desk. This is so much better than Remote Desktop Connection.


Best immediate return on investment in monitoring pkg I've ever used

I've deployed and supported IBM/Tivoli Netview on AIX and Windows, HP Openview on Windows and various versions of Cisco Works. All were very powerful products that required a great deal of care and feeding to extract value. I've spoken to many companies who've also selected one of the above mentioned packages and failed to account for the resourcing required to see benefit and now have an expensive "up/down" monitor and not much else. Solarwinds is greatly different from any of those because it is so good at getting the ball rolling with its out of the box configuration and extremely simple tools. My first experience with NCM (Network Configuration Manager) was triggered by my ongoing frustration with Cisco Works (extremely complex, pathetic performance and huge resource requirements). I did more with NCM in the first 3 days than I ever got out of Cisco Works in 5+ years of owning the product. That eventually triggered testing Orion NPM, SAM, IPAM and other products. Needless to say they eventually displaced HP Openview suite.

Web Help Desk

Great help desk / ticketing software for very reasonable price

I really love the customization of the fields. This lets us build our procedures into our ticket types. For example, our termination tickets for employees who are leaving, we have many custom fields created for that ticket type so that our techs go over all the accounts that need to be disabled, transferred, etc and they don't miss any. If I need to make sure a tech performs a particular task based on the ticket type, I add in a field and make it mandatory.


Easy to use

Product has been consistent.

SolarWinds, Web Help Desk, Other...

Hasslefree Implementation via vendor

Overall Implementation experience was hassle free and great. The vendor did 99% of the configurations in -house with local ITstaff shadowing them most of the time. Post Feedback was great overall


Product requires a lot of customization and tweaking, but once its setup its great.

Product requires a lot of customization and tweaking, but once its setup its great. Relatively low maintenance. However we aren't utilizing it to its fullest capacity.