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Hasslefree Implementation via vendor

Overall Implementation experience was hassle free and great. The vendor did 99% of the configurations in -house with local ITstaff shadowing them most of the time. Post Feedback was great overall

SolarWinds, Other...

great customer support

no complaint

Web Help Desk

Help Desk Software

good product for a very reasonable cost

Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk simple easy to use.

Tech support has been very responsive, we had issues with a java leak and Solarwinds fixed the issue.


SolarWinds WPM - Great for small and mid sized implementation, growing into large

We chose SolarWinds WPM to address issues with our existing web monitoring tool that was not meeting our needs (BMC TMart). According to SolarWinds support, we have the largest WPM implementation in the world, and there have been some growing pains with such a large implementation. That said, SolarWinds has worked with us on improving performance, and our users are generally happy with this tool.

Web Help Desk

Implementation and Use are both easy to understand.

There has been very little need to contact the company for product support, but when I do contact them, they are very quick to respond.


Good product but lots of learning and configuration

The product is very well put together but the breadth of the add-ons becomes somewhat onerous to manage. Some of the out of the box reports are adequate but putting together some of the custom reports and alerts seem to be overly complicated. For the cost, the initial functionality is somewhat limited. My biggest issue is the sales force behind the product. Too much contact from too many people looking for new sales.

Web Help Desk

Best solution for the price

Like all the other SolarWinds products we've used, my main comment is the price is unbeatable. Is it the most robust solution out there? No. Is it the absolute best solution for the pricepoint? Without a doubt. It gets the job done and has enough bells and whistles that we are satisfied.


Solarwinds - Realiable and at a good price.

Solarwinds is a pretty straight foward set up. The minor stumbles we went through were easily resolved by their support team and community team.

Web Help Desk

Implementation was somewhat difficult, but support was good.

Good support