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Implementation was quick, smooth and easy and we are very happy with solution we chose.

The overall installation was pretty quick and smooth. We are quite happy with this Vendor and never have thought twice about looking for another solution better or cheaper. This vendor gives up exactly what we need and they are always coming up with new and improved ways of doing things.


Simple, easy setup, low cost!

We have been using Zendesk for almost 6 years now. We use it in a very basic capacity, but it has worked very well for us. I can think of 2 or 3 instances where we had an unplugged outage, but none of them lasted much more than an hour.


Basic, clean tool, easy to use.

Very smooth implementation and adoption rate.


Easy Onboarding SaaS project with great UX

Great conversation with sales engineer right out of the gate. Needed information on a specific process (JIRA integration) that my sales agent was only mildly knowledgable about, but favorable overall.


Great support tool, definitely worth trying out

It's a great product, but the most useful features are hidden behind upgraded plans, which would double or even triple our support costs.


Zendesk is tried and true. I can't see myself using another service.

My company has been using Zendesk for years now. It is a tried and true service that we've grown to rely heavily on for day to day customer interactions. We appreciate how Zendesk has continued to grow over the years. They support all browsers and they support app API from different 3rd-party vendors. We are very satisfied with this customer relations tool and plan on being a promoter for years to come.


Look No Further - Zendesk

Zendesk has been one of our most valued & trusted partners


Quality product for smaller organizations or business units.

Quality product with good mobile experience.


Overall good experience

Implementation was easy, and knowledge base and support were effective. The initial selection was much easier than with other vendors.