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What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge Management (KM) Software enables a wide variety of operations around documents and files to optimize access and flow of information within an organization. Knowledge Management Software is compatible with multiple file types like documents, presentations, audio-video files, etc. to enable all these operations. Enterprises leverage the software to create a centralized repository of information that traditionally existed in silos. The primary function of the software is to store, retrieve, and share information across the organization in a convenient, safe, and reliable manner. Some Knowledge Management Software also provides some extended functionalities like – File Edit history, access management, and content editing capabilities.

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"Confluence is every Product Manager's best friend!"

I am a Product Manager and this is my first time working on Confluence - this is one of the most powerful tools. My personal favourite has been Notion for a while now, but what made me inclined towards Confluence: - as simple as Notion - so many custom templates (which makes taking the first step of document creation so convenient) - option to emote, like and share - this is extremely helpful for people working with remote teams where a "thumbs up" emoticon from your colleague also means a lot - flexible integrations with renowned tools like Google Drive, Slack, So far, Confluence has been making documentation so easy. I have already moved 80% of my documentation from various sources to Confluence. This is a great tool for any starting Product Manager for their initial setup!

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"Great for being able to understand internal processes and best practices"

We've used Guru for many many years now to better align on best practices and processes that our company uses internally. While many software companies are complex and have many intricate processes, Guru makes it easy to understand and organize all of these processes under one roof. An internal database, so to say, the Trust Scores that Guru provides is great for ensuring that content is not only verified but also accurate and up to date. Our team is constantly checking that Trust Scores are near perfection and this makes sure all of our teammates are aligned on how to approach situations without needed to double-check other areas! keep up the great work, Guru!

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"Very suitable for taking notes and sharing them, the organization of content is mastered."

The ideal tool to collect, organize, manage and share ideas with the team on a daily basis or in projects.

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"Super handy knowledge based tool- Both for teams & clients "

An excellent internal documentation tool which has the ability to link references between different documents and has native integrations with other apps as well. It has a lot to offer such as you can make notes & drafts, make/customize your own templates, has a search engine, due to which it was a life saver for my team. And not to forget, the UI is ultra-fast :)

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"ClickUp Strikes Again To Save The Day"

Clickup was first introduced to us as a complement to our current SAP cloud processing and management software however after several months Clickup became our main collaboration tool within our organization.

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"Bloomfire - Share your knowledge like never before, happily and safely."

Bloomfire is a knowledge sharing platform. As an end user, I have tried both the Essential and Enterprise versions (5 in the team) of Bloomfire. In both cases, one of the most positive point of usage is its Unlimited Storage space feature. Data is as well sage and secure. One of the advantages of using the Enterprise edition is its customization feature. Bloomfire allows customization at its best. Payment to the Enterprise version is also customizable. But, we need to pay a small extra amount if we dont use the Annual payments. In few cases, we had to knowledge sharable in Gigabytes (with embedded video content) - but Bloomfire manages the job beautifully. Its scalability feature is also good. As per the discussion we had with our Administrators, deployment and administration along with maintenance and testing was also very flexible and user friendly. The support provided is also well controlled with a proper system.

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"A great choice to your knowledgeOwl base"

Get this program the preserving time and headaches. The pages are clean to edit and manage. I used to be capable of adding pages at my first login. It makes it less complicated for users to get admission to the records they want so that you may not need to repeat the precise instructions to one-of-a-kind agencies of customers daily.

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"Very Easy and Strong tool to build your Knowledgebase "

Very easy to administer and setup the knowledgebase

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"LivePro Knowledge Management "

LivepPro is highly versatile with an excellent customization that allows you to customise with your own custom assests. The tool is flexible and cost effective.

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