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Ataccama Master Data Center (MDC)

Implementation was difficult due to huge project scope but we covered most of it

There were some problems, but still according to my opinion MDC was still the best choice.

Ataccama Master Data Center (MDC), Other...

Implementation was easy, development is very fast.

Ataccama is very keen on their product and they are proud of it. It took us about 8 months to implement MDC that integrated 5 very large customer data sources. The majority of the time though was put towards turning our environments for performance and adding security for PII data. During this period we experienced a great help from Ataccama support and development team when they not only answered our questions but actually helped us in issues resolution by visiting the office and online. Very good experience overall.

Ataccama Master Data Center (MDC)

MDC review.

Great support Ataccama very eager to solve issues.


Give your data steward ownership of their manually maintained data; get IT out of the way

Ease of use for the end user/data steward. Minimal training required for the end user/data steward. Uncomplicated development platform/simple to enhance. Responsive support.