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Master Data Services

MDM Review

The product works well for our intended usage. Users are able to create mappings and other groupings using MDM to analyze data.

Master Data Services

Easy to implement, very cost effective and a vast improvement on previous versions

The product has matured quite a bit from its previous version and is now something that finally can be considered ready for real use. The user interface has been vastly improved and simplified while crucial functionality that was missing before has finally been added. My only complaint is that they still rely on Silverlight to run the web UI, this should be switched for HTML5. Workflow components could also be improved to compete with other MDM vendors on the market but the fact is it costs ALLOT less than other MDM solutions but still does a decent job. I'm hoping that Microsoft will continue to invest in this product like they recently have. We worked with Microsoft DSE to implement our MDS 2016 solution after initial engagement with one of their partners did not yield desired results. The overall experience working with Microsoft was good, their engineer was very experienced with the technology and was able to build an environment ready for use in just a few weeks.

Master Data Services

Microsoft has a good backend structure for MDM

We implemented the stewardship through Profisee. MDS is only a framework which would require a large amount of coding.

Master Data Services

Good and low-cost solution for companies already using SQL Server

There have been a number of limitations and defects. Some of them were worked around, a couple were fixed by vendor in a later product version.

Master Data Services

Easy Implementation, Intuitive Design

The experience was great implementation was easy and product was very intuitive with little training required.

Master Data Services

Implement MDS Usage

The experience is pretty good with the product. Works quite well and easiley integrates with other products. Only issue is when I roadblock is hit getting with vendor to get resolution takes quite a while.

Master Data Services

MDM is real

A third party vendor was selected that has a premier relationship with the primary.

Master Data Services

Great product for basic MDM solution.

Not a perfect solution.

Master Data Services

Recommend product for price point provided, flexible but does not provide capabilities of other vendors.

Vendor and product experience was good, would like more assistance from vendor.