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Oracle Product Hub (EBS)

The upgrade for Oracle EBS to R12.2.5 was straightforward, but there were issues.

While our R12.2.5 upgrade was relatively straightforward, post-implementation there were a number of issues that generated complaints by our business users. In general for large applications, there are always some patches/fixes that did not make it into the current version release. And we don't know what these are until after the application has been operational for a while, and then processes/functionality stops working. This seems to be also true for Oracle EBS, which is a very large enterprise application. We are still dealing with these issues, 6 months post-implementation. We are finding that while some of these are "known" issues (ie. fixed in previous releases R12.2.4, but somehow not packaged into R12.2.5), there are other issues that are "new" or have been reported but not fixed. In general, our issues in R12.2.5 are more complicated, more involved to get fixed, and definitely more challenging to find a workaround or satisfy the business users. Yet we also have to keep current with the application releases, (regardless of the risks with new releases), or else we risk falling behind technologically and especially with security compliances. (We are a government organization).


Nice features but not intuitive.

Not intuitive enough for a cloud solution.

Fusion Product Hub

Oracle isn't all that great.

Product has some limitations and stability issues.

Oracle Product Hub (EBS)

Great software but tough vendor experience.

While the software is complete and competitive, the company itself is difficult to negotiate with and to implement with.


MDM - understand what you are embarking on before you jump in

Product was a lot more difficult to implement then alluded.