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Stibo's STEP Trailblazer

Strong product, but company needs to build out services ecosystem

Product seems strong. Professional services ecosystem is lacking. The evaluation process of new capabilities seems quite onerous, perhaps due to growth

Stibo's STEP Trailblazer

Very sophisticated product, but not intuitive or easy to setup and implement.

The product is very sophisticated but has a number of issues. The system has numerous situations that where errors and lockups result. It is also very counterintuitive from a setup and architechture standpoint; may tasks that should be relatively straightforward take a long time to understand and implemented. There are other features that have not worked and are pending maintenance or assistance from the vendor.

Stibo's STEP Trailblazer

Implmentation to longer and more expensive then expected

Working as expected. Only surprise is the amount of development needed for basic enhancements. Would expect a mature product to allow for more configuration and less custimization on the front-end areas. Implmentation to longer and more expensive then expected.


Stibo's STEP Trailblazer

Out of the box needs lots of customization but a powerful solution

Working with the Stibo team was great, the services team was responsive to our needs.