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Reviews for Meeting Solutions (Web Conferencing)

What is Meeting Solutions (Web Conferencing) software?

Meeting Solutions (Web Conferencing) products are real-time collaboration tools that support interactions over a network between participants in multiple meeting formats. The types of meetings and communications that fall into the category of Meeting Solutions include webinars, remote training, online meetings and audio communications. Some vendors segment their product lines to target and scale to each of those use cases, while others offer broad solutions that can be fitted to each purpose. It can help to reduce geographic barriers for teams that need to work on projects or specific business processes. Training can be rolled out virtually, to employees in multiple locations. There are potential productivity increases and cost reductions from reducing business travel. Meeting Solutions (Web Conferencing) has become not only a way to cut expenses, but also the preferred method of communication (ahead of travel) in many organisations because it is cost-effective and efficient.

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