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Cognos TM1

Evaluation was easy but the company did not invite hyperion during the evaluation process

It was a known tool already, and there are plenty of vendors available out there. I was in charge of the valuation of the tool, and it fits the functional requirement and cost.

Cognos TM1

Implementation was std. Hoping to get lot more out of enterprise license agreement

In this process, we acquired enterprise license for the product geared towads enterprise roll-out

SPSS Modeler Gold

IBM SPSS modeler is a solid choice for predictive analytics

IBM was a very committed partner. They provided the necessary training for our internal team in a timely way. They were responsive to questions and any technical issues we were having. The product is robust and has the necessary functionality for our data scientists to do their job. The visual drag and drop increased team productivity. Choosing the cloud implementation made getting the team online and working very fast and we had results from our first models within 2-4 months.

Cognos TM1

TM1 Cloud Saas isn't ready.

Do not sign up for IBM TM1 Cloud SaaS. Infrastructure isn't ready, Cloud Support team isn't ready, and communication is too slow. There are just too much gap between support group, Ops group and Development group. If you have very small local/departmental models, they can be supported. If you are planning to run global model that requires 24/7 with multiple updates daily, you should not consider SaaS option. We have three models running and for the past 2 month’s production went down at least 50 times and IBM team is still struggling to figure out the root cause. Typically weekend Ops support person doesn't have enough TM1 knowledge to support on severe production issues, so you will need to escalate the issue to their management to get more senior person get involved. Infrastructure monitoring system isn't mature and we have a few failures due to the disk space issue. I truly like IBM TM1 and BI, but SaaS infrastructure and team aren't ready for global forecast/planning models.