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Appcelerator Platform

Very capable MADP choice, but requires practice, practice...

Training on the platform went well with a knowledgeable instructor. Touchpoint consulting service was great to deepen our knowledge of the platform beyond the training and focus on architechture of key components over our time period for development. We could have done a better job on our end by focusing more as business in getting the initial app developed quicker, instead of the slow-burn approach we "enjoyed".

Appcelerator Platform

Great proprietary product line with a vision, does not fit all apps and environments.

Vendor and sales team are very responsive to the requests. They offered us access to an architect for training and to do a POC.

Appcelerator Platform

Appcelerator powers agile innovation

Appcelerator helped us enter the mobile solutions market rather quickly and with great success. The ease of use and ability to generate cross-platform code were instrumental in being able to develop applications rapidly thereby allowing us to innovate in an agile way and increase our speed to market. Their satellite offerings (ACS, analytics, Soasta, arrow) provide value, but overall maturity is lacking in some areas.