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Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle, Android Studio, Android Native Development Kit (NDK)

Best IDE ever for Android

Android studio is a great tool for development of android apps. it improves developer productivity. we love the gradle build system and new espresso test recorder which is helping us in improving the Quality of product.

Android Studio

Good documentation, but difficult programming

Somewhat difficult to program

Android Studio

Implementation was simple

The experience was quite seameless. Most apps we transferred to the new platform from Eclipse, had no problems whatsoever. In the case of those that did, support was readily available to solve problems.

Android Studio

Android needs less fragmentation across the different versions of the OS

It took a few years for the android docmentation to mature which made it difficult to design the full architecture. Also the operating system fragmentation became limiting as far as trying to adopt new features provided by the OS

Android Studio

Android Studio repackages IntelliJ with functionality specific for Android development

This is great.

Android Studio

The speed of development was fast but other vendors are coming up with competing products

The IDE is much better than the Eclipse version of Android development tool. The emulator launches very fast and is able to emulate real world scenarios.