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Kony Visualizer

Kony Visualizer is a great tool for application mock up and layouts.

Kony has been super helpful every step of the way. Made it very easy to get our apps to market.

Kony MobileFabric, Kony Mobility Platform, Kony Visualizer

Unique development environment

While working with an Indian based workforce presented communication challenges, the end result was positive.

Kony Mobility Platform

Quick Solutions and Great Products

Great company to work with and great products to speed up development and organisation. The app creation was very quick, within one week we had a working concept. Kony Studio is pretty simple to use and the framework is quite flexible. If something is outside of the general API it can be added with native code pretty easily and referenced inside the project.

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Kony MobileFabric

Kony has the technical skills to implement what you need when you need it.

They work quickly and respond to well to changes in scope.


Kony Mobility Platform

Easy to build across

Simple product but service integration needs maturity

Kony Mobility Platform

Implementation was easy but need to develop more partnership to improve local assistance.

The product is good, the support could be better.

Kony Mobility Platform

Mobile platform journey

Very good

Kony Mobility Platform

Quick and fairly easy implementation

It was a good experience