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Microsoft Azure Mobile Services, Microsoft Visual Studio

Development and implemetation was easy

Easy training and implementation

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Mobile Services, Microsoft Visual Studio

The development platform is super good and portal environment is easy to explore

The platform completely solved our Coupon Sites high volume problem. The implementation was very straight forward and the development tools are easy to use. The monitoring tools are great. The changes from classic portal to new portal caused some confusion.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Implimentation to drive inovation

Never had a issue working with or getting support from the Visual Studio Team

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio

MS Azure Hybrid Success

MS has worked closely with my company in being successful with AzurePack and Hybrid integration with Public Azure

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio is simply one of the best development tool

I have been using Microsoft Visual Studio for years and it has given me a lot of joy in developing applications for our customers.

Microsoft Azure

Excellent Implementation.

So far so good.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio just keeps getting better and better.

The depth and breadth of the product really sets it apart from other IDE options evaluated. It built upon pre-existing components in our organization.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Standard accepted installation of a well known product.

Tool does most of what we need. Road block is internal management not releasing all functionality to users who need it (TFS).

Microsoft Visual Studio

.NET and Visual Studio are true cross-platform technologies.

Cross-platform and modern web technologies support.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Complicated pricing model.

Complicated pricing model which goes like-'Community vs. Pro vs. Test Pro vs. Premium vs. Ultimate vs. Enterprise'.