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MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform

Excellent relationship and solution.

Excellent relationship built by the vendor. Early to market with Android native app solution. Smooth development and rollout.

MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform

MicroStrategy Mobile and Great Partner in Advancing Analytics and Information Sharing

Product is very robust and with allot of flexibility. Integrates well with other MicroStrategy Products. Most of our experience is with IPAD and it does a good job there, gives us alot of opportunity to WOW our internal leaders. The platform flexibilty is a good selling point. Allows us to make changes without having to recompile and go to Apple everytime we have an update! I like the fact that it can work on multiple mobile platforms. Outside of office works well via VPN. They have an integrated certificate server that can be installed, but we need something a little more robust to work with our existing security certificate environment so our users can avoid the extra VPN login. Hopefully they have that in the works. The other benefit is the expertise to develop web-based documents/apps and mobile are the same so this reduces the need for additional training. The mobile caching provides performance benefits and has flexibility, but I would like to see more. The product does a nice job of integration with the local OS, at least in our experience with the IPad. Generally speaking I am VERY pleased with the product and am exiting about the momentum we are gaining and how it can help us advance the analytics, information, and decision making capabilities at our company.