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Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Great platform that provides stylish advanced functionality with a minimum of dev time.

Vendor support for any obstacles encountered was excellent. We were very pleased with product documentation, sample code, user community support and vendor support.

Kendo UI by Progress, NativeScript, Telerik DevCraft by Progress, Telerik Platform by Progress

Adoption and training were easy, single-source for the entire dev/test lifecycle

We've worked closely with various groups in Progress over the years. All groups we've worked with have wanted to "get things done" and it's worked well with our company's culture. We chose their mobile development platform because it was innovative, and took the best parts of other development areas and married it with mobile development, while (at the same time) enabling my teams to efficiently work with customers to build great mobile app experiences.

Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Great product, helped to cut our development time but not so good documentation

So far fine. Their documentation could have been better. They could improve their service response time from 24 hours to 4 to 6 hours. Integration with angular could have been better and fully supported.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Good, intuitive tools for rapid development of modern web apps.

Telerik has been very supportive and proactive with us. Equally importantly, their products that we use seem to anticipate our next moves and have necessary features availble with ease of use that helps us to quickly ramp up new hires. That several of our vendors also use Kendo grids and AJAX controls by Telerik further raised our optimism about evaluating their products. Vetting our new product design pattern was challenging but implementing Kendo and other DevCraft tools was intuitive and easy.

Telerik Platform by Progress, Other...

I highly recomment Telerik's UI controls.

The product was overall very good. They provided great technical support and were able to answer our questions when we had specific questions in a very timley manner. There product was also very easy to implement into our product and the strong developer community around the product was very helpful. Often times I can find a solution to my problems just by searching their support forums.

Telerik Platform by Progress

Support was great, functionality is great

The issues we had with Telerik software were readily solved by perusing their website FAQs and user question/answers as well as actually asking questions to the bulletin boards and getting responses from other users or Telerik support. While assessing the software before purchase, the sales force asked if I had any issues and when I did, he contacted the appropriate tech staff to answer my questions.

Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Full-featured tools with great flexibility.

Telerik's tools are great to work with for a variety of development projects. Over the years, Telerik has provided good support and offered solutions to the issues that our developers have thrown at them. Their dev tools are second to none and provide great libraries to produce amazing visuals and robust applications. Our dev team has tried other tools, but at the end of the day, we always stick with Telerik because of the flexibility the tools provide for styling and formatting, among other things. There is a bit of a learning curve and at times, you hit walls, but that's development. Telerik is still one of the best products out there.


"Enabled the ability to write native applications in 1 single codebase using javascript."

We have been able to quickly develop cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase. We also develop our client web application using Angular so it was quick and easy to ramp up to Nativescript which uses Angular 2. The only downside we saw was that some of things that we tried to implement in Nativescript were fairly new and not fully developed such as the Firebase plugin for iOS which had some issues during development.


Great skill reuse and huge cost savings.

This technology is open source so while the core team is responsive, there is not an option to get immediate support for issues other than through open source channels. That said, members of the core team do respond well when asked to help.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress, Telerik Platform by Progress, Other...

Excellent toolset for any enterprise needs.

Great toolset for all our enterprise needs.