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"Enabled the ability to write native applications in 1 single codebase using javascript."

We have been able to quickly develop cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase. We also develop our client web application using Angular so it was quick and easy to ramp up to Nativescript which uses Angular 2. The only downside we saw was that some of things that we tried to implement in Nativescript were fairly new and not fully developed such as the Firebase plugin for iOS which had some issues during development.


Great skill reuse and huge cost savings.

This technology is open source so while the core team is responsive, there is not an option to get immediate support for issues other than through open source channels. That said, members of the core team do respond well when asked to help.

NativeScript, Telerik Platform by Progress

Innovative mobile technologies to reduce your time to market

Progress' NativeScript by Telerik is combined with the Telerik Platform allowed us to build cross-platform apps for iOS and Android quickly. We chose NativeScript because it is an innovative and performant approach for delivering native cross-platform apps without the hassle of learning iOS, Swift, or Android. The Telerik Platform helped us provide an agile, feedback-driven testing process to end users located in geographically-disperse areas. Our development team was able to make code changes and push the updated software versions to testers/project stakeholders in minutes. This allowed us to focus our discussion around the working software instead of features the business hadn't seen yet. The key for us was a short turn-around cycle. We literally would turn around changes to the mobile app in the middle of a meeting to reflect a new idea or concept, and each stakeholder could see the results on their personal mobile device.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress, Telerik Platform by Progress, Other...

Excellent toolset for any enterprise needs.

Great toolset for all our enterprise needs.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Great for a small company like ours with limited developer resources.

It has been a benefit.

Telerik Platform by Progress

Implementation was easy. We were quickly able to add advanced features.

Hard to get updates. To many different product lines being introduced.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik DevCraft by Progress

Should speed up implementation; needs better documentation.

Vendor has been helpful and product has worked as expected so far and exceeded expectation in several respects.

Kendo UI by Progress

Implementation was easy

Kendo UI functions as they advertised.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik Platform by Progress

Good entry toolset for hybrid mobile application development

The Tool performs as expected.

Kendo UI by Progress, Telerik Platform by Progress

Provided a complete toolset we needed for web, mobile, and desktop development.

They provided good customer service and several controls to help speed up our development process.