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AppExchange, Force.com, Salesforce1

Great vendor

Well supported and provided the uptime SLA.

Force.com, Salesforce1

Great tool, but needs lots of work to make it fit for your own market space.

Difficult to customize to sales and support teams. Learning curve and adoption is an issue


Strong functionality/capability with sufficient configuration flexibility

Strong functionality/capability with sufficient configuration flexibility


Implementation was complex, but it did the job of handling a complex computing function

Was able to get the product up and running, although there was a learning curve to adapt it to our application.


Remote access = win!

Salesforce has brought our company a lot of growth and engagement. Although the mobile app is not perfect, it bridges the gap for our mobile users, giving them access to the data and contact info while they're in the field.

Force.com, Salesforce1

Difficult fit for K-12 education system

Ended up being a difficult fit for a K-12 serving education organization. Required too much customation/configuration. Data model doesn't accomodate the needs of our organization.

Force.com, Salesforce1

Implementation was easy but need the company to expedite new solution delivery

Great business partner

AppExchange, Salesforce1

Requires a lot of back end work but the front end pays off as a result.

Can be complicated to manage and admin, it is very easy for the database to become cluttered and almost unusable.


Even for small companies, SFDC is an outstanding partner

SFDC has always been extremely responsive to our needs, even though we are a small customer.


SalesForce takes over the Universe

The Product simply works- not complicated at all