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SAP Fiori

SAP mobile rapid deployment using Fiori.

Very productive for quick mobile deployments using SAP data and expose it mobile. Important to share that it develops a browser application responsive in HTML5 and it is not a pure mobile application framework. Still needs to evolve to offer a pure mobile development framework.

SAP Fiori

Great potential, but will need customizations to be rewritten

Good support, but most of the out-of-the box functionalities are for HANA

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

Mobile Opportunities

Normaly the plataform is very robust but the version for mobile presents opportunities

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori - End Users Perspective.

Has really helped to simplify key transactions and to mobilzie the application to 40 percent of the installed userbase.

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

Does the job, but lack of vision for future leverage.

We have been using Mobilizer but it feels like a very tactical solution. There is no strategic roadmap that we've seen for how this partner can help us advance our mobile solution capability. We had also worked with IBM's MobileFirst but when we moved away from hybrid solutions, they were less relevant.

SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

lack of expertise on components compatibility.

Aggressive approach to implement new platforms can lead to delays on technical issues solving.


Mobile application lifecycle needs improvement.

Wide application catalogue. Each new application implemented has bugs. Those bugs require notes to be applied. When the notes are applied, they often break other applications already installed.

SAP Fiori

Some of the basic application behavior needs to be improved (e.g. browser based response).

Overall, Fiori provides an uncluttered user experience and is responsive and adaptive to the device types.