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Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Easy to learn and use

Good product

Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Saves significant time for cross-platform C# development, but releases need more stability

The overall framework and ability to share C# code has been exactly as we had hoped and has saved us a ton of time duplicating code. Unfortunately the stability of releases leaves a lot to be desired, we have experienced breaking changes with two of their releases in just a year of our product released, and in both cases the turn around for a fix was multiple months.

Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Platform

Telerik Components

Telerik has an extended support team and very active

Xamarin Platform

Leverage existing .Net skills to build your own mobile apps.

leverage common code base with iOS and Android

Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Platform

Xamarin really does allow for 93% code reuse across both Ios and Android operating systems

Overall, using Xamarin as our development platform has been very positive, as we get into the area of mobile apps for both internal use, as well as external use. We initially researched/purchased Xamarin before Microsoft bought them, so have been able to see things from both sides. From a very positive perspective, Xamarin has lived up to its promise of about 90% or better code re-use across Apple and Android systems. Where we have used Xamarin forms, that value is up to about 95%. Since, overall, our development staff is relatively small, having the ability of write once (and more importantly maintain once) is very helpful. The only negative thing we have seen revolves around the take over by Microsoft. During that time, we were needing Xamarin to produce a library for Microsoft Azure AD (also known as the Adal libraries), and probably because of the buyout, this took longer, and we didnt have as good as communication regarding status, etc. Since then, our sales and technical account managers have been very responsive to our needs.

Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Using Xamarin to make Employee Travel easier

Great support from the vendor. They assigned us a technical support personnel and helped us in a lot of integration

Xamarin Studio

A fantastic platform for building quality apps for any platform quickly.

Workstation setup was straight forward. Learning curve is very short for experienced C# programmers. Coming over from another programming language is very fast. I especially appreciate having full control of the mobile app experience. I have not come across a functionality need that cannot be satisfied to meet the user expectations. Virtually endless capabilities abound through the thousands of .NET libraries available.

Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Xamarin - Excellent Native Apps for C# Skillsets

Xamarin overall was an excellent vendor partner. We did have some minor issues with integration of iOS with Windows machines (our iOS developers preferred their Macs anyway and just used Xamarin Studio instead of Microsoft Visual Studio). We were an early adopter of Xamarin Test Cloud so we experienced numerous teething pains, but Xamarin did work diligently to address the problem. As a result, Test Cloud is now enterprise ready.

Xamarin Forms

Easy to use, excellent results.

Excellent features and easy to use and learn. Opens a whole new avenue of mobile development C3 and .NET developers without much overhead.

Xamarin Studio

Implementation was easy due to in-house skills in MS development platform.

Easy to implement.