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Xamarin Test Cloud needs real time device and data testing functionality.

I am very pleased with Xamarin Forms for Android application. Currently I am responsible for Android Development. Improved Xamarin Test Cloud functionality.

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Adoption of the platform was seamless.

Xamarin has always been there for us. They have always been ahead of the rest of the industry and are willing to go the extra mile to help their customers.

Xamarin Studio

Easy start up of initial development.

The vendor has been willing and able to provide guidance and reviews of our plans and concepts. Their knowledge base was filled with good examples and information that was easy to understand and contained relevant examples. They provided subject matter experts to help guide us in the correct direction when we first started out.

Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Xamerin is a mixed bag.

Xamerin was primarily chosen because of our familiarity with C#. It is a lesser learning curve if you already have the c# resources, but overall, our results were mixed. We used Xamerin Forms, as the user experience was less important. It was relatively simple to produce a simple app, but particularly with different android devices, we would encounter strange bugs. We have started using Xamerin Test Cloud and that has helped a bit with identifying android devices that were having issues. We will probably continue exploring Xamerin for app development, but we will be open to other alternatives.

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Government Mobile App secret weapon for the .NET developer

This product has matured a great deal over the last few years. The learning curve is steep but relatively short. Definitely, invest time in training whether hands-on or online. It will widen your knowledge to get the most out of the product. As a government agency, our focus was on providing a utility type app to the public that was wizard based. Xamarin forms are perfect for this type of approach. We did not do anything out of the ordinary and stuck with mostly native controls. We really took advantage of the shared code with the portable Class Library (PCL) approach. We estimated that we were able so to share 85% of the shared code over both Android and iOS. We have recently started on a new internal employee application with plans for another. Development time is very rapid when the environment is up and going. you can sometimes get into trouble with versioning being out of sync. I recommend always backing up your project before each library update, especially when first learning. It can at some moments be very frustrating when you run into this issue. They have improved a great deal and I have not experienced this issue recently.

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Xamarin made mobo application development easy!!

Overall experience was good, there were few issues with iOS upgrades few were resolved and few are still open, hoping Xamarin to fix them soon!!

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Easy to learn and use

Good product

Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Studio

Saves significant time for cross-platform C# development, but releases need more stability

The overall framework and ability to share C# code has been exactly as we had hoped and has saved us a ton of time duplicating code. Unfortunately the stability of releases leaves a lot to be desired, we have experienced breaking changes with two of their releases in just a year of our product released, and in both cases the turn around for a fix was multiple months.

Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Platform

Telerik Components

Telerik has an extended support team and very active

Xamarin Platform

Leverage existing .Net skills to build your own mobile apps.

leverage common code base with iOS and Android