Mobile Data Protection (MDP) Solutions Reviews and Ratings

What are Mobile Data Protection (MDP) Solutions?

Gartner defines mobile data protection (MDP) products and services as software security methods that enforce confidentiality policies by encrypting data, and then defending access to that encrypted data on the mass storage systems of end-user workstations. These storage systems include the primary boot drive of a workstation, additional system drives and removable devices used for portability. Storage technologies affected by MDP include magnetic hard-disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), self-encrypting drives (SEDs), flash drives and optical media. Several methods allow MDP products to delegate all or part of the encryption process to be accomplished by hardware elements, including the CPU and drive controller, and to native capabilities in the OS. Some vendors also have protection capabilities for network storage, and a few also support cloud-based storage environments as an extension to the desktop.

Products In Mobile Data Protection (MDP) Solutions Market

"Bitlocker and MBAM are a great solution for Workstations encryption"

I have implemented MBAM and Encrypted more than 2,000 endpoints successfully taking advantage of the built-in encryption solution for Windows 7 and 10

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"The Only 'True' End to End Solution that covers mobile, email, storage everything "

The Harmony end point solution along brings in a wonderful feature of mobile data protection. This is a differentiator as you'll find very few end point solutions that also focus on the mobile aspect of security. It not only adds in mobile security but also email security as well which is a great value add. A complete platform that covers end points and all mobile points security from storage and applications protection

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"Great product for data security"

Great product for data protection. It kills all the threats that may affect the data stored in your laptop. Not very expensive and gives an easy to understand reports about the data security. Our team has been using this product since 2 years and are deeply satisfied with the protection it provides.

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"Comprehensive data protection"

The products are well made and rarely have problems with them. If there are problems, the service solves them quickly.

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"Efficient Encryption tool, but Windows updates are not easy on Encrypted OS"

Symantec Drive Encryption is very good solution to protect our mobile users data on the notebook against to stolen or lost. Encytpion processes takes long time to complete. If you have SATA Disk, you need to wait much longer time for the encryption process to complete.There is no noticeable slowness.after disk completely encrypted. You have to check compatibility before encryption, because you may not boot your machine after encryption completed on unsupported hardware. You may configure Single Sign On feature if you deploy Encryption Management Server instead of Standalone version. Cons, It is not easy to update your operating system that is running on encrypted disk. You may need additional steps like using script or decrypting machine

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"Good For Compliance & Regulation Requirement"

Trend Micro has one of the best support service for OEMs generally in the industry. Their support engineers have a deep understanding of the solution.

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"Stable full disk encryption suite that allows easy key and certificate management"

Stable product that works as advertised. Easy to operate and integrate seamlessly with Active Directory for key management for users and devices. Easy to upgrade and great technical support that goes the extra mile.

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"A true cross platform tool and complies with data protection standards "

A user friendly cross platform tool which helps you to secure the workstations so that the data is protected and helps to comply with the data protection standards. At the beginning the system might slow down due to encrypting process but from then it is a seamless experience.

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"Easily protect your information with Symantec Endpoint Encryption"

Symantec Endpoint Encryption helps you to encrypt your files and sensitive data helping you with compliance without sacrificing performance.

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"Excelente service of security "

Checkpoint Capsule is one the secure services that we can use for a remote and secure conection to have access to corporate data through an active directory. One of the favorite part is having a centralized administration that is used by NGFW that provides visibility of shared data through BYOD

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"Easy rollout, user friendly interface, easy to manage"

Overall our experience has been very positive. We are currently in the rollout process, more specifically in the whitelisting phase. There were a few issues with the integration inside our VM environment but our physical and server rollout was smooth.

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"Checkpoint Encryption Software- Centralized management."

For multiple level of data protection, we have opted for Checkpoint Full disks encryption software which works smartly in providing security for all information and hard disks. The best part is its central management which do all purpose starting from administrating, logging and policy enforcement. Overall it a great utility by checkpoint.

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"“Quality of product and service is very good and affordable”"

1) It is one of the most successful brand in market. 2) Product design is very attractive. 3) Product service is very good and faster. 4) Cost, variety and Quality of product is good and reasonable to customer.

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"Consult the vendor and documentation on Best Practices"

Can be difficult to use depending on your implementation

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