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Airwatch implementation was easy and smooth, although users have many questions.

The uptime is great and the installation process is easy and intuitive. When we did have downtime, the support was quick and informative. We were able to get back up and running within the day.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Long implementation period with plenty of support to get the environment running right.

Since we opted for an onsite deployment there were quite a few pre-install requirements for multiple servers, database software and network security settings. Once completed, the installation services were excellent. It took many calls and sessions to get this working well but they were more than willing to take as long as it would take to get it done right. We are now up and running and it meets all our expectations.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Detailed Information of Product Capability - Align with Customer

Internal implementers found that more information was required up front for a more streamline approach to how the product was rolled out. Missing components of product capabilities in relation to the implementation methodology didn't mitigate risk initially identified.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Industry leader - but no ones perfect

Worked well for the security and ease of use aspects. Some vendors would not cover breadth of devices we needed.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

SaaS implementation was a good experience, don't expect to process to go too quickly

For the most part our experience was good and solid technical support provided by the vendor. After the aqusition of Airwatch by VMWare, there was a period of adjustment where the company seemed to have strugled with providing the services they did before the two were merged. In the end the combining of the two organizations does seem to have helped but made some processes more complicated, such as licensing/renewal for maintenence/support etc.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Implementation is easy and end user friendly with only a couple problems

Security is great. Only experience a few problems like AirWatch will log people out unnecessarily but will still allow them to access email.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Easy to setup, long time to master

Airwatch made the adoption and support of the platform very straightforward for us.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Easy implementation and great support

Airwatch was very helpful helping us with the installation of the product and roll out to our iPads. We have grown since our original deployment and upgrading the licenses was very easy.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

Easy to deploy

Product is rather robust and easy to deploy.

AirWatch Mobile Security Management

implementation was Easy

So far so good.