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Check Point Endpoint Security

Windows 10 and Checkpoint are not friends.

The Vendor provided a relatively poor implementation strategy and varying contradicting information for requirements. The process of creating a Windows Server for hosting the application and database was convoluted and highly ineffectual. We ended up scraping that idea entirely as the Windows Server path and the GAIA Server with their own version of Linux on it were differing. So when we were told we could get the same features on Windows Server that we could in the GAIA environment it turned out to be false. It was a very frustrating process. After installing the GAIA server however the process was much smoother. We obtained the correct version after several tries getting what was recommended to us and I was able to setup the software in about a day. Deployment did not go very well either as the installation failed on about 30 percent of our machines. The only support we recived from Checkpoint was that it was a Windows issue. We are forced to rebuild those few hundred machines. The software also interferes with several other applications causing various issues. On Windows 10 Cisco AnyConnect updates were problematic, Mimecast for Outlook could not be run, and several Firewall related issues were seen even though the firewall was not installed from Checkpoints software. We had never had these issues with the older version 74 of Checkpoint, but that version was much older and did not integrate into Windows as thouroughly.

Check Point Endpoint Security

Priceless security solution

Great customer service

Check Point Endpoint Security

Sales process needs improvement

Checkpoint has a good product out of the box. Sales support is not that great however, and you have to do your homework and push the vendor for concrete answers.

Check Point Endpoint Security

Product Offerings are Robust, but Greater Integration and Guided Configuration is Needed

Checkpoint has demonstrated its considerable expertise in detecting and erradicating risks. while they currently have a comprehensive product suite, they are currently hindered by a lack of better integration between products. However, having been a Checkpoint customer for many, many years now, I can see the steady growth and increased integration and interoperability.

Check Point Endpoint Security

upgrade to latest checkpoint on premise and in azure was sucessfull

upgrade went perfect - product works flawlessly

Check Point Endpoint Security

Overall easy implementation.

The product is very good but the end user experience is lacking. Overall install went well but on site professional services would have been helpful.