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AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

Painless implementation with customization which lead to immediate business results

Overall experience with AgilOne has been great. Both their team and tool have been exceptional. Accomplishing the complexity of our implemenation, in the time in which we did, speaks volumes to the ability of the tool and the team. AgilOne quickly went from selected vendor to strategic partners throughout the process. This was through their ability to understand our needs during implementation and support us in optimizing the tool out of the gate for execution. It was not a one-size-fits-all implementation, nor is our use of the tool and AgilOne has valued our partnership and pushed themselves to support our partnership. All this would be for not if the tool did not meet expectations. In a few short months, we have already acheived a positive ROI from the investment, and AgilOne has quickly become our source of truth for holistic guest data across the organization. It has enabled effective cross channel marketing, detailed guest insights that drive decision making, and it has integrated into upstream and downstream systems in a way that allows near real time actionability.

AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

AgilOne is great for data cleansing, customer database reporting & campaign segmentation

AgilOne is one of my favorite vendors. They consistently go above and beyond in terms of providing help, trouble-shooting and strategic consulting. The tool itself has given us direct access to clean, customer data for the first time in history and has enabled us to generate incremental revenue as a result of launching triggered campaigns at scale. With other competitiors, we felt like a small fish and small client to them and that we wouldn't be valued or prioritized. AgilOne makes us feel special, unique and important and even their CEO listens to us for product feedback. They are innovating and moving in the direction of the market, and eager to hear product feedback.

AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

AgilOne is essential for effective and consistent enterprise B2C multi-channel large-scale

AgilOne is strategic, essential partner to our business. The AgilOne platform provides tremendous ROI, and the AgilOne team has ensured this success. Implementation was process-driven, and there was clear communication from AgilOne the entire time. AgilOne was sure to configure our unique business definitions, requirements, and calculations directly into the platform. This approach enables consistency end-to-end and has set us up for success both now and far into the future, beyond our immediate planning. AgilOne’s team of customer service managers was foundational to our success. They helped us establish benchmarks for success, and enabled quick wins right out of the gate, which gave us immediate ROI on AgilOne. They helped us understand our omni-channel data, and they were instrumental in planning and executing omni-channel campaigns. They helped design and craft email, social, advertising, mobile and in-store clienteling campaigns that fully leveraged the complete omni-channel view of the customer. With AgilOne, our business KPIs have dramatically increased. We now have greater open/click rates on our email campaigns, more engagement through social channels, more digital and in-store conversions, higher AOV, and our best customers are more engaged with us across all channels – all due in large part to our orchestrated personalization via AgilOne.

AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

AgilOne has been instrumental in helping us drive effective CRM activities.

AgilOne is a strategic partner for our company. Because we're lean and overall, quite small in size, they have been instrumental in helping us derive value from the platform and have provided consistent service and consultancy. Our rep is repsonsive and knowledgeable, guiding us through each step. AgilOne's customer service managers are responsive and have helped us establish benchmarks for success from the start. They're excellent at providing business diagnostics which give great views into our customer base. They've helped design campaigns and have worked within the intricacies of our unique business. With Agilone, we're now running well thought-out lifecycle campaigns, improving our targeted prospecting ads, delivering clienteling lists to our stores based on specific customer behavior, building mail files that are modeled, and there's much more left to do as we have not taken full advantage of all that AgilOne has to offer.

AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

Agilone is a terrific all-in-one solution for the smart retailer

Agilone was built for retail -- and understands our challenges better than any vendor we spoke with. Furthermore, while many vendors in the space define multi-channel as any channel that doesn't include traditional channels (i.e., print), Agilone realizes the criticality of print for large retailers and doesn't ignore it as a potential channel. All of this said, Agilone is still finding its sweet spot. We are likely their largest customer, so we are a bit more patient with them on things like new functionality introductions that are a bit buggier than expected than we would be with our larger vendor partners (i.e., Oracle) ... who, by the way, has had just as many issues.

AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

Features are perfect: Need to keep their promises with implementation.

AgilOne as a product is unbelievable --- literally does everything they told us we would do and then some. However, the integration planning + execution left something to be desired. So I would say a 6 out of 5 for product, a 1 out of 5 for implementation. But I like it so much right now that I'm going to give it a 5.