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B2C Marketing Cloud

Smooth implementation process with encouraging results but needs more feature developments

Positives - smooth set-up / integration, go-live executed without too much hiccups, skills transfer was fair (a bit on the tactical side, less strategic than expected), SMART analytics are useful especially the email analysis but improvements can made regarding SMS and timeframes in measuring revenue in relation to total database. Less positives - some bugs in SMS module causing some instability (eg missed a few campaigns and duplication in campaign blasting occurred once), unable to deliver some of deployment functionalities that were previously committed (in their pitch)

B2C Marketing Cloud

Best in class Marketing Cloud Platform

From contract negotiations through post-launch, Emarsys has been a wonderful partner. They go above and beyond to help and assist everyone in the organization, including less tech sophisticated franchise partners.

B2C Marketing Cloud

Email-Marketing works well, additional functionalities around loyalty card need improvemen


B2C Marketing Cloud

Very close partnership with high level of customisation

Great personal and highly engaged relationship. Many user approaches especially via email are covered, some tricky ones like scale (quantity) and global customers (multi language) are exceptionally handled. On the way but not 100% ready to deliver for mobile first strategies, however work in progress.