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Dedicated team and strong partnership but CCMP interface could be better.

Overall, we are satisfied with Experian as our email marketing vendor. To be honest, we had a sub-par team when I took over this marketing channel, but we got a brand new team that has really stepped up. We have seen an amazing commitment to our business, responsiveness to our issues and needs and strategic partnering. We have a full-service account with them.

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Truster partner

Good partner. Reliable. On call 24/7. Have been able to work around the few systems limitations we've had due to their flexibility and creative thinking.

Marketing Suite

Very easy implementation Some very important features are missing like Commercial Pressure

has worked : Implementation Hasn't worked : start of full service with EXPERIAN teams


UI is dated, but Cheetahmail does everything you need and more with excellent service.

In our 6+ years with Experian Cheetahmail we have been extremely satisfied with not just the technology platform but how our 2 organizations have been able to work together. Their understanding of our unique business has enabled a great partnership, and they have tailored services specifically to our needs.

Marketing Suite

Implementation incredibly challenging, tech is superior, 'global' mentality is lacking

- Superior platform/techology - Cross channel abilities - Strong technical and account management skills from the support team - Although the company is "global", there have been serious problems with the way the APAC region is handled in terms of regular (fortnightly) maintenance outages during core business hours. The U.S Experian management team show little regard for clients in the APAC region which is immensely dissapointing given the AU Experian team do a great jobs of managing their accounts. - There is also an element of uncertainty in terms of the CCMP divestment

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Work in Process

Almost a year later and still basic/fundamental requirements not met.

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Experian - not just a vendor but a partner in our success

Experian has always been a great partner. We do not view them as a vendor, but an extension of our team. They are always bringing new ideas to us and working to demonstrate that they value our relationship. From the very top of the organization to the bottom, they expect the same level and quality of service for their clients. I really appreciate that they are constantly looking for new ways to improve their product and their service. We have been a long time client. How they have worked to develop EMS for clients looking for more than the CheetahMail platform, speaks volumes of their committment to their clients. They could have continued to grow and improve the CheetahMail platform, but they saw a need for their clients and worked to develop EMS. When they first approached me about EMS, I was content with CheetahMail. After conversations with my account team, i quickly realized that EMS was the tool that we had been talking about internally for a long range plan. The Service and Success teams continue to bring us ideas on how we can better use the data and the platform to talk direcly to our customers, how the customers want to talk with us and plans for future growth.

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Exptremely complex data heavy implemention was successfully accomplished.

From President to Account manager everyone expressed sincere interest in my business success.

Marketing Suite

Their people and service really make the difference!

Experian is very responsive to our needs. As a retailer, we often need to be reactive and agile. Their team of professionals allows us to rapidly develop and deploy campaigns to meet the business needs. They regularly go above and beyond to help make us great.