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Marketo Engagement Platform

Marketo for B2C

give option to put implementation on hold if resources lacking

Marketo Engagement Platform

Marketo provides a solution that allows non-technical people to be self-sufficient

If you purchase the enterprise package, make sure you utilize all the features; if you aren't planning to utilize all the features then purchase a lower package.

Marketo Engagement Platform

Just implemented Marketo for Customer Experience

Customer Experience. Marketo helps us be an Analytics driven agency without having to employ a team of Data Scientist. It make reporting and analyzing campaigns pretty straightforward. Setting up campaigns are highly targeted and have given us pretty high conversions since switching over from Hubspot.

Marketo Engagement Platform

Key to our Demand Generation success

Make sure you have the proper human capital in place before you implement. The product has extreme horsepower. However, to tap into that horsepower ou need a race car driver. Without an individual with Demand Gen experience and the experience with the Marketo platform it will reduce your ability to generate a positive ROI using the platform.

Marketo Engagement Platform

Poor implementation and execution. While full of features, not well integrated.

Integration, Sales and PMO are not well aligned. The integration efforts are poor. The tool did not initially synch with our system and Marketo while working at it, guaranteed it would work yet could not get it to work. Implementation was difficult and painful. It was not easy, was not fast, and Marketo wants companies to pay for expanded support for their tech which should be painless.

Marketo Engagement Platform, Other...

Best in Breed for B2B

The team at Marketo, and the product at great to work with. The platform is extremely flexible, and we were able to get it up and running very quickly with some help from an outside agency.

Marketo Engagement Platform


lack of market planning capabilities (i.e. using its programs as a database for central campaign tracking)

Marketo Engagement Platform

Very happy with service but needed to have firm reigns on cost control

Service personnel was very helpful, but product documentation was out of date frequently.

Marketo Engagement Platform

Powerful platform with easy implementation

My overall experience with Marketo has been good. They are quick to help when any issues arise and, as a whole, deliver a powerful platform that is capable directly out of the box. In addition, Marketo is a scalable platform that will enable our growing company to grow alongside their

Marketo Engagement Platform

Powerful system but disappointed with training and support offerings

Marketo has plenty of bells and whistles to use but it takes a while to ramp up to understanding using it. And trying to get a whole team integrated in while maintaining normal work roles was very challenging. Wish I could go back and do initial "fundamentals" training but would have to pay for again and already paid a hefty amount in beginning and ongoing license fees.