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Rich Landscape but Challenges with Implementation Support

It is not easy to learn and implement in one pass. There is so much to know that it is a definate process to be well rounded in the platform. If you are new to Marketing Automation, it's important to do your homework. Eloqua is not a magic solution and takes a fair amount of homework, study and practice to fully embrace. You have to work at it, you have to staff it, and you have to keep up with the latest innovations and trends. It can be cumbersome at times and the UI is clunky and unfriendly. Support is not best in class and slow responses seem to be the norm. There is a lot of passing the buck when you are trying to solve a problem. Prepare to be shuffled from department to department to get an answer.


Has been the standard for years but now has a hard time innovating

I would point them toward Marketo instead. They seem to be much more agile. I suspect Eloqua has such a legacy that they now have a hard time making needed changes. There are major power users of Eloqua out there that have built up enormously complex and powerful implentations over the years which are now very seensitive to changes. I suspect Eloqua has painted themselves into a bit of a corner. I also suspect that being acquired by Oracle will take away development resources.


Powerful tool if you know how to use it

Services leave a lot to be desired -- since being acquired by Oracle, Responsys lost a lot of the hands-on qualities that used to make it a more valuable tool.


Sales cycle and implementation were clumsy but the overall solution is great.

Good overall experience.


Eloqua before acquisition by Oracle was better BUT things are starting to improve again.

We had great experiences with Eloqua when Eloqua was Eloqua. We ran into issues when Eloqua was acquired by Oracle. The software became buggy and customer support non-existent. Before the acquisition, I would call and get Eloqua support on the line. After the acquisition, there was no way to call for a while. The only way to connect with support was with the oracle support portal. This got fixed after lots of complaints from our company. We finally got a dedicated oracle customer experience rep who checks in with us regularly.


Smooth transition, but complex product solutions

Prompt communication. Knowledgeable. Too many solutions require expert level techniques and professional services consulting.


Comprehensive Marketing Tool

Support for product integration was consistent and relevant.


Overall decent marketing automation

Overall it's a decent system, but like any marketing automation it has, it's quirks which aren't always addressed in the documentation. I will say it's generally easier to get real help from a specialist at Oracle, but this usually depends on how strong your relationship is with your account manager. The software itself is pretty dynamic, although it's SLOW and it only runs correctly on FireFox, which can be a pain if your organisation locks down your access to browsers.


Customized Implemention with Multiple Integrations

We struggled with multiple integrations between Eloqua and Salesforce. However, the Oracle team worked with us to develop a custom solution.


Customer Service Makes the Product

Our customer contact is committed to ensuring we're receiving the most value possible from the tool. If you allow them, Oracle will take you through a robust implementation process that helps guide your strategy and priorities.