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RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

Product is simple to learn and easy to use for non-technical users.

The solution has worked very well for our needs, enabling us to automate our campaign management processes, add additional consumer touchpoints, test outcomes and reduce costs, while improving our overall quality. The only challenges we have had were related to our own data infrastructure.

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

Product has possibilities but organization is not ready to help clients be succesfull

Not a mature organization that can work with clients over time in a proactive manner. Need better training and ability to create SME's within their clients.

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

Redpoint a very good partner

Redpoint has been a very good partner. They've assisted with sales to our clients, meet with us regularly to review opportunities and an challenges with my be having. We've also been able to influence the product roadmap

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

Happy with the product after a shakey start by a 3rd party agency

The overall experience from RedPoint has been very good. We initially used a representative which made serious errors upfront until we took the implementation over with RedPoint's help. From that moment, the implentation was a success. We are happy with the product.

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

Took longer than planned but the end result exceeds expectations

Implementation of the RedPoint interaction software was generally straight forward with most issues being caused by the complexity of our customer database, which was being developed at the same time. This caused issues where the data model changed and the campaign management tool had been configured to use the previous model - in hindsight we would have delayed the implementation until after the database had been finalised. The support we recieved was generally very good and the speed that issues were resolved was good in most places, some more complex issues however took a number of cycles to resolve, due partly to the specialist resources being mainly in America. The solution covers all of the channels we currently use and provides support for others we plan to use shortly. We required integration with 2 third party channels which needed development to work with their API's which, whilst expected, was more complex than originally envisaged and took longer than planned. Support for triggered marketing was a key requirement and the functionality of the RedPoint solution has worked well, enabling us to significantly reduce the time taken to create new campaigns. The software is generally very easy to use and user adoption was quick. The training could have been improved as within RedPoint interaction there are many ways to achieve the same outcome, and this led to confusion with different trainers suggesting different paths to achieve the same result. Overall the implementation has gone as smoothly as you could expect with the level of change we were implementing, and whilst the project closure was delayed due to some of the issues, the business has a solution that meets the ambitious requirements.

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

RedPoint is the right strategic partner any business needs when implementing MCCM

We do not view RedPoint as another vendor, rather they are truly a strategic partner. Their motto is "your success is our success" and they stand by that without nickel and dimming us. We think very highly of the company, their leadership and of course the product itself.

RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform

RedPoint's CMP provides mission-critical functionality and keeps us and our clients happy

RedPoint is a critical partner for WGBH and while they've been growing very quickly since we began working with them nearly 4 years ago, they've maintained their focus on providing us with excellent service. We have also grown quite a bit in those 4 years and it's completely due to the products and services we receive from RedPoint. They hire skilled, smart people who really understand our goals and help us achieve them. In short, they're the best.


Excellent Implementation and Ongoing Support on a Strong Platform

Excellent implemtnation and ongoing support servies Strong product roadmap supporting digital and realtime marketing capabilities