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Resulticks mCloud

Omnichannel Engagement in Healthcare

The overall experience has been more than satisfactory. Resulticks is an innovative platform focused on delivering topline revenue growth through data driven marketing and omnichannel customer engagement .

Resulticks mCloud

A software for the modern forms of marketing

Overall this Resulticks service was provided to us as a part of the overall services we have with Interakt at no additional cost. The experience was seamless and we did not experience any drop in our service levels before and after the usage. Personally I have closely watched Resulticks develop into a new generation omnichannel marketing automation platform breaking through the clutter existing in the world of marketing automation today. Interakt’s agency experience of over a decade puts it in a position of strength to not only offer a great platform but also support it with managed services that are automated to be self-service based on the level of digital maturity of the customer.

Resulticks mCloud

Omnichannel Engagement thru one integrated platform powered by a configurable rules engine

Resulticks platform enables us to work with a multitude of data variables, multiple behavioural segments and triggers to respond contextually to audiences through both inbound and outbound channels.

Resulticks mCloud

Implementation was a breeze and helped set tone to a true omni channel customer journey

Resulticks team came with a strong digital and agency background and helped us to steamline our data culture and processes to help us to change the way in which we were conceiving customer engagement journey. They went beyond conventional product implementation and showcased how the platform can be utilised 100% and how we could begin with one channel and scale to leverage other channels in the context of the customer journey