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Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

Requires constant vendor implementation services

The CIMs product requires upgrading to a newest version that usually cost $100K/upgrade just to keep support.

Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

Great flexible product with continious improvement.

Its pleasure working with Teradata, initially it takes a while for new application to be performant on the Teradata Data Warehouse and there is a lot of application and database tuning required. Teradata helped us at every step of the way. Teradata is brilliant at making their application adapt to Lloyds processes and their self service marketing module is very useful.


Was a long process to implement all features but at least it works well

Support could be better

Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

Teradata - Software as a Service Helps P&G Breakthrough in CRM

We discovered how to do this together. TD did not offer this as a SaaS platform. We did not know how to operate it that way either. We learned together, established the measures to guide performance and it is proving a winning formula for us and them and they are able to use this model with other companies. For us it lowered cost, investment in hardware and people. We are also more agile because of this. Love the model and most vendors would not have leaned in and done this with us. it has made a huge difference.

Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

First class direct mail campaign management at a first class price.

Too many changes in the product name and features that haven't worked well for non direct mail campaign management. Direct mail campaign management still works well.