Aruba Networks

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ClearPass Access Management, ClearPass Policy Manager

Aruba Networks Innovation

Aruba Networks is a strong competitor with an agile plan for innovation. They have talented staff members with expert knowledge of their product. Quite simply their products just work.

ClearPass Policy Manager

Excellent product that continues to evolve.

Sales rep and sales engineer have always been readily available. Tech support has always been extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

ClearPass Access Management, ClearPass Policy Manager

Aruba NAC

This product is a feature added on top of their hardware line. The product extended the capabilities of the Aruba wireless product line.

ClearPass Policy Manager

Implementation was fairly simple

Still new but learning

ClearPass Access Management, ClearPass Policy Manager

Implementation was more difficult then expected with several missed milestones

Product was complex to install and ran over on milestones as a result. Reuired upgrades to several other systems to enable support for clearpass. CLI syntax is very sensative, errors resulted in severe service disruptions with SSL VPN. tech support not willing to assist as they point to Cisco ASA. Do not offer any guidance or solutions

ClearPass Access Management

Implementation was straight forward for most platforms, but some did not integrate.

Most of the TACACS+ and RADIUS integration worked well. Some of the platforms that support TACACS+ did not work and we had to implement RADIUS as a substitute. This is not necessarily all Aruba Networks issue as both Aruba and the device vendor need to properly implement the protocol and possibly to some integration tweeking to get interoperabilty.

ClearPass Policy Manager

Set up and customize anything you can think of with Clearpass and Airheads community.

We use Clearpass as a RADIUS-server for 802.1X authenticating ca. 2500 wired and wireless and checking the health status of about 600 devices. It also serves as a captive portal with sponsorship enabled. We initially intended to use Onboard for automatic configuration of BYOD devices, but we let that go because of the behaviour differences between mobile operating systems. Because of it's flexbility, Clearpass is very easy to integrate in a multi-vendor and technology environment. That flexibility also allowed us to set up a good working alternative for Onboard. The large and active community behind Aruba Networks (Airheads) allowed us to get in touch with experienced users quite easily which allowed us to finetune our system and gain experience.

ClearPass Policy Manager

Aruba Clearpass powerful server

Great over all experience. Guest and BYOM functionality

ClearPass Access Management, ClearPass Policy Manager

Aruba works with Customer to implement Secure Wireless Solutions

The vendor worked well with us on the wireless deployment and even brought ideas to the table for our guest wireless solution.

ClearPass Access Management, ClearPass Policy Manager

A low maintenance cost effective wireless management solution.

The product was easy to implement, the 3rd party vendor was very knowledgeable and made the learning process a breeze. This software has been opperating relatively maintenance froo for a couple of years now.