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ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

good but improved

At least in Spain, there´s no good technical support

CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Implementation was easy, but need to do some work to put it in production right away.

Product works well, but not 100%. Sometimes classification of assets is an issue where some assets are misclassified.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Plug and Play

The SE was very helpful and was able to get us up and running in 1 day.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager, ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

Great tool, more TLC needed than expected

The ongoing maintanance and maturing of the tool was more time consuming than initially expected.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager, ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

Very good product features and integration capabilities, needs better PS team

They provide excellent features and also provided additional capabilities in threat mitigation by integrating with other security controls. They have a good product, but the services team is not staffed enough or trained very well.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager, ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

Best Product Available

Overall a good experience.

ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

Has a lot of built-in features and information

user friendly and contains detailed information

CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Start slow and then grow

Install difficulties due to broad scope and attempted utilization of all plug-in's. Reinstall with smaller scope and limited plug-ins (to build upon) and operation and management now smoothly functioning.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager, ForeScout Mobile Security Module

POC was great and I look forward to Production Implementation

Brian (our SME) was great and It was very easy to implement this technology.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Network access control with Forescout

Forescout / CounterAct is a good product. We have struggled with compliance checking and false positives that did not occur during initial testing and pilot rollout. Intergration with SEP has caused some issues. Nice intergration with AirWatch to eliminate non-enrolled devices on networks. Advanced reporting is needed.