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CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Difficult to Implement without proper network visibility and support.

Vendor has been willing to help.

ForeScout Mobile Security Module, ForeScout Technologies CounterACT, Other...

Watch your sizing or go back for more.

Vendor failed to adequately understand our requirements and complexity and scoped our implementation too small. Resulted in poor solution performance and necessitated buying an additional product at a later date to service complete environment. Product also was not as mature as presented during the sales cycle. Cyber team now working with vendor R&D to resolve performance/functionality issues.

ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

See it, manage it and orchestrate it.

My success in a small agency, was due to a sound deployment of NAC, which allowed me to be a better leader in a larger agency.

ForeScout Mobile Security Module

Tricky start, but smooth finish.

Tricky to get started, but once it was up - smooth.

ForeScout Mobile Security Module, ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

Overall it is a good product with good potential but needs some time to mature

Most features work as advertised. However, one of the key ones - Guest Wireless control doesn't work as expected despite ForeScout Pro Services setup and tuning.

CounterACT Enterprise Manager

Impressive capability, offers plug and play environment.

At this time the functionality of the platform has been solid. There are some architecture nuances that needed to be worked out and some clear misalignment.