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Portnox Network Access Control

Portnox made network administration easier

We selected Portnox to help implement our new risk management initiiatives to allow for seemless access to our network from customers while ensuring we have the proper security in-place to block potential hacks or access to our nerwork from from unauthorized users.

Portnox Network Access Control

A brilliant product that installs fast and easily to get a great overview of the network

Excellent communication with the vendor, both in the business and the technology level. Product easy to install and implement and created instant value for us. Excellent support experience.

Portnox Network Access Control

PORTNOX was easy to install and provided additional visibility into our network.

The Portnox product was simple to install on both our and Corporate and Operational networks. As far as a NAC solutions go this product installed easily and was simple to maintain after it was rolled across our Corporate and operational environments. For our Corporate environment Portnox provided some custom features which we requested and assisted us in meeting specific requirements presented by our executive committee. We are in year three of utilizing Portnox to protect our physical switchport infrastructure and have found it effective in blocking rogue devices from accessing our network as well as providing valuable information when undergoing audits and penetration tests run internally.

Portnox Network Access Control, Portnox Platform

Good product, fast deployment, inexpensive, committed vendor.

The product does exactly what it said. In the relatively short amount of time, we were able to cover our network and start protecting it. Portnox GUI is intuitive and easy to work with. Whenever we have issues with the product, we get serious response within a reasonable time from Portnox support. Vendor professional services team, who helped up during initial deployment were responsive and professional.


Portnox Network Access Control, Portnox Platform

One of the most valuable and easy to implement tools we've dealt with in the last years

Their involvement from the day we pilot the product, Their commitment to get product and getting my team trained and running was amazing. They accepted our feedback on additional features/reports required and implemented within their next version.