Pulse Secure

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Junos Pulse

works fine and attempts to maintain connection

The product works well. Even when a connection is lost, it will try to reconnect when the connection comes back (at least initially if the connection is lost briefly).

Junos Pulse

Great Performance and easy maintenance.

Great performance, easy maintenance but Tech supports are a little slow need to improve.

Junos Pulse

Great VPN for PC/MAC/Mobile, great products. You need to be pushy with support.

Pulse secure offers some really good products in the vpn space. Their support organization needs work.

Junos Pulse

Easily implemented and flawless performance

Easy to implement as a replacement for our outdated VPN solution.

Junos Pulse

Implementation was easy, product is great.

Great Product.

Junos Pulse

Best NAC product on the Market

Pulse Secure is the best 802.1x solution with dynamic firewall policies that leads the field in a proactive multi-factor authentication approach.

Junos Pulse

Quick implementation with nice updates to a tried and true platform

Overall experience with pulse has been plesant and informative in all alreas. Product is well established (although rebranded recently) and performs as expected.

Junos Pulse, Other...

Planing a head save time and money

Having a preexisting working releationship with vendor helped with knowing what to expect form the support staff.

Junos Pulse

Junos has the pulse of SSL VPN

While I'm sad to see the SA line go away, I'm encouraged Junos Pulse's movement forward after being divested from Juniper. The interface is a bit complex and I wish there was better training available (readily) for implementation, otherwise it is a solid product.

Junos Pulse

Easy to configure and support.