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100's of International numbers migrated to new vendor - without one hitch or glitch!

BT gave us their "A" team during the entire project and rollout. The end results were "excellent and perfect" in a non-perfect telco world. We migrated hundreds of global international numbers to BT from our former carrier and not a single number experienced an error in configuration or support during the multiple migration periods. Couldn't ask for better than that!

BT Global Services Connect IP services

Early promises, vendor excuses versus responsibility

Slow, limited by LEC relationships and lack of customer focus

BT Global Services Connect IP services

The sales and support experience is slow - only a squeaky wheel gets oiled.

The user experience is poor - slow engagement, slow pricing. It takes a long time to get access to someone who can go into the technical detail. Little innovation and weak SLAs outside the UK. Once the systems are in they are stable and available. Overall a unnecessary overhead placed on the customer.

BT Global Services Connect IP services

Technology is very good but slow to commission and reliance on other Telco's frustrating.

The actual technology is very good and in terms of core service rock solid. The last mile though in many regions can be flakey and service unrelaibility seems to be an accaptable risk of using MPLS globally. Takes a long time to light up new connections.

BT Global Services Connect IP services

Once live, the services are stable and reliable. However the vendor remains slow to move.

There is no doubt that selecting BT has been a good decision for us, however we had to learn to manage BT. Their solutions portfolio is great but their ability to execute is limited by their complex internal processes.

BT Global Services Connect IP services

Product set that works well, but service and long lead times are an issue.

Vendor struggling with the demand and cannot deliver in a timely manner.