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CenturyLink MPLS Services

Project management gone bad

Well - contract proposal and pricing Poorly - engineering provisioning

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Stable environment once fully implemented

Stable environment

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Not bad, wish there was a better management portal

A large portion of our locations have AT&T as the LEC. They are prone to fiber cuts in this area and the mean time to resolution is quite long due to the fact that it is another provider's fiber.

CenturyLink MPLS Services, Other...

Tremendously slow, doesn't communicate well.

One of the slowest moving companies I have ever worked with. Three plus months to even get a simple quote, and just as long or longer to get a circuit turned up. The levels of bureaucracy are horrendous. Communication is very poor, you never know what is going on, or what to expect.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

CenturyLink Upgrade Project

Good team put together to implement and execution has been done well.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Implementation Inconsistent and sometimes error-prone; run-time performance generally good

Pricing and quoting process for circuits take an uncharacteristically long period of time, especially if special pricing is considered. Ordering circuits, once pricing is established and accepted, is straightforward. Design and provision timeframes are quite variable and may have a lot to do with off-net access circuit providers more so than CTL. Most frustrating part of the process in the last year has been a lack of accurate & consistent provisioning of circuit configurations and corresponding implementation aborts. This results in delays in delivery of new and upgraded circuits as a new maintenance window must be coordinated and approved in each instance. Opening a ticket to track and resolve potential issues is additionally frustrating because the NOC appears to be instructed to re-iterate the documented template, which can frequently not match the actual PE router config. Lastly, when the issue is found to the fault of CTL, receiving an official RFO that can facilitate a service credit takes many weeks or months, and the longest part of that process appears related to CTL's legal review process of all RFO's released to the customer. On a positive note, the account team is experienced and generally attempts to resolve things within their power to do so; however, we infer that their own internal processes impede their efforts significantly.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

CenturyLink MPLS deployment - this company needs to work on their internal global process

CL has not been able to coordinate a global deployment of MPLS effectively. Pricing was the best but execution has taken 18 months, the hold up being the last mile link in my USA datacenter, go figure.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

First Class Vendor

This vendor has always treated our account with respect and professionalism.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

traditional implementation made a bit more difficult due to supplier processes

lacking change management processes as well as skilled engineers

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Implementation of MPLS backbone

Overall we are happy with the services and support from Century Link. The largest challenge is the outage impact as our business has high expectations and service committments with very little tolerance for loss of services. The move from a private ATM network to our new MPLS network has impacted our SLAs even with the level of diversity we have implemented. Layer 3/cloud outages impact a larger customer base and the lack of service by local exchange carriers continue to be disappointing. Our largest issue is with the lack of management/control from Century Link over the local exchange carriers/offnet carriers.