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CenturyLink MPLS Services

traditional implementation made a bit more difficult due to supplier processes

lacking change management processes as well as skilled engineers

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Implementation of MPLS backbone

Overall we are happy with the services and support from Century Link. The largest challenge is the outage impact as our business has high expectations and service committments with very little tolerance for loss of services. The move from a private ATM network to our new MPLS network has impacted our SLAs even with the level of diversity we have implemented. Layer 3/cloud outages impact a larger customer base and the lack of service by local exchange carriers continue to be disappointing. Our largest issue is with the lack of management/control from Century Link over the local exchange carriers/offnet carriers.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Inability to deliver reliable connectivity.

Outages are frequent and are not resolved quickly. The have not been able to provide reliable highly available connectivity required by the business. The account executive is very responsive to our pain from outages. However the only solution they seem to offer is purchase redundant circuits.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Great responsive customer service. Actual service provided is a lack-luster.

Great customer service. Actual service provided isn't that great. Too many outages. Too many single-point-of-failure cut fibers. Too many hurricanes in one region taking out connectivity to stores in another region. Preferring a more top-tier provider like XO or Level3. Buyer's remorse.

CenturyLink MPLS Services

Overall network reliability is good. The cost is affordable for a reliable MPLS solution.

Outages could be addressed and remediated sooner.