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Comcast Business MPLS Services

Smooth as can be!

Implementation was pretty straight forward. We had a lot of help with the installation.

Comcast Business MPLS Services

Everything is smooth and professional

everything is smooth

Comcast Business MPLS Services

Constant Outages

We have experiecned terrible outages that are intermittent and frequent. The support team always has an excuse, but no long term resolution.

Comcast Business MPLS Services

Best of breed product that could use a little more support on implementation

The product is greaat as well as the engineers that you work with. The business departmetn that needs to get the contract together as well as the target dates for information are not usually accurate


Cost effective bandwidth increase, be prepared to bring your own routers.

Transitioning from MPLS to Metro-E was a smooth and painless experience. Along with another vendor providing Project Management for the rollout, we turned up 90 locations in a phased approach. After the transition, the service has been stable and fast. We are now benefiting a newer overall physical plant and infrastructure.