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Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Implementation details fell far short of what was promised.

Difficult to communicate with Customer Representative who remains out for an extended period of time on medical issue. No one backs up the process at Level3. They miss cutover calls that they set, and billing is way off.


When tool works well, it's great. Support is lacking when there are issues.

Support is lacking. I have had several situations where I have not been given adequate response or resolution to a problem. Training is insufficient.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

I'm satisfied with Level 3

Unlike Telefonica, another provider we interact with on almost day-to-day basis is very prompt in responding to our email(s)/ticket(s). I do not remember the last time I had to contact Level 3 for an hourly/regular update. We always get it before we could contact them. And not to mention, our clients too expect the same. We all in the business expect this class of operation, don't we? I'm satisfied with Level 3.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Level 3 - A broad footprint but requires a doctorate in cat herding

Level 3 has been steadily expanding their footprint and the integration of acquisitions has been slow and painful and it impacts their overall customer service. The account team has been very responsive but the logistical\deployment teams are painfully slow making an already difficult project exponentially harder to manage. The appearance is that internal communications are exceedingly poor. Our first 10 sites were deployed (taking up to 8 months in some cases) and 8 of them were placed in the wrong VRF. The support group refused to fix this immediately and required the account team to submit modifications. Not only did we waste thousands of dollars on travel (these were all EMEA sites) we were not able to use any of the circuits. To top that off, they continued to bill us for services that they would not provide despite the fact that it was their error. The account team got it worked out and we were credited but it took an enormous amount of effort and hand-holding to get the credits processed. Even then, the AR group was extremely difficult to work with and insisted that we were somehow still responsible for a portion of the bill. I've found their NOC support to be excellent, but getting to the NOC through standard support options is awful. The first level engineers are often condescending when we have obvious performance issues. They argue for weeks that it's not their side only for us to find that there were a speed and duplex issue between the LEC and Level 3.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Great product, however a little pricey

Consistent reliable service.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Improved and faster delivery of content

Performance has been better, we have used Limelight in the past and Level 3 seems to have improved the experience overall.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

The 4 on-net sites were a snap but the off net build location was a struggle.

Level 3 had on-net fiber presence at 4 of our 5 sites.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Implementation easy, but could use more self management tools

Mostly good experience, sometimes it takes too long for them to make changes in the managed system.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Reviewing Collaboration Software

Good customer Support and less wait time on the phone to resolve any issue. Good recording Quality and webbased solution Improve on UI to make it more quick connection.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Implemetation Easy, with no details and problems

no problems