Level 3 Communications

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Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Reviewing Collaboration Software

Good customer Support and less wait time on the phone to resolve any issue. Good recording Quality and webbased solution Improve on UI to make it more quick connection.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Implemetation Easy, with no details and problems

no problems

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Implementation team was dedicated to moving process along, we would do it again.

Good team to work with.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Support needs to Improve

Our implementation had several issues due to difficult communications during the process. Our project manager had a lot of wait time trying to get answers. However my real issue is since go-live. We have experienced numerous service outages as well as dropped calls for unexplained reasons. The timeliness of response from support is not what I would expect for a system that is the lifeblood of my company. When my telecom is down my company is down and I need immeadiate and urgent response.

Level 3 Communications MPLS Services

Inconsistent Service Since the TW Acquisition

Level 3 has become an inconsisten service provider since the Time Warner acquisition. Even our service reps find it difficult to navigate the new support model.