Windstream Communications

3.5 out of 5 (6 Ratings)

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Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Improvements made with improvements needed

Implementation/Install and Maintenance Teams tend to not be aligned with the design team. Windstream has since improved, although much room for improvement is still present.

Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Excellent technical customer service and very reliable service

Excellent uptime, very reliable, technical customer service is great, would definitely consider other services with them. Implementation on first service request was very well managed and was actually completed earlier than expected. Second implementation with new service had some road bumps and took a little longer than expected but I will still stick with having a great outcome and service.

Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Smooth implementation and constant support.

Windstream has been a valued partner with our business since incepetion.

Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Avoid at all costs. They will lie and cheat and leave you alone fighting with issues.

Horrible customer support. Disconnect between different organization groups. Several business impacting outages in the first year of service.

Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Executed the right solution for the 60 sites while cutting costs and improving performance

The contract negotiations took a long time due to previously executed contracts.

Windstream Communications MPLS Services

Windstream, good for the price.

When it works, it really works. The sales team was great and attentive.