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Evaluating Global UX for Current Apps and for App Selection/Deployment decisions.

AppNeta customer success team and support staff always provided more attention than we could manage, making sure that we were making progress.

AppView, PathView

Implementation and on-going maintenance was easier than expected.

The vendor is extremely responsive to working beyond the implementation but also works with our comm/networking team to help explain the results. We enlisted the tool from a business user perspective and it was slightly controversial to use the information to document concerns to our networking and IT team.

AppView, PathView

Pathview has a great start and looks to continue to grow with more innovative features

The deployments and configuration of the paths was easy to setup and configure. The Voice/Video addition allowed us to view real-time performance on our EF class data which was something we were lacking in our environment. The only area for growth as I see is the reporting and the configurability of the carrier for each path. Since we use private IP space, the appliances attribute all of our WAN connections to our organization versus the actual carrier.

AppView, FlowView , PathView

PVC is the best of both worlds - on premise appliances all over the world monitoring our network and applications from all angles then uploading the results to the cloud application that we do not have to worry about maintaining servers or database

Broad range of products in one platform, cloud-based application keeps us from maintaining servers and databases, support is excellent, AppNeta takes our feedback for improvements and actually implements them.


The Implementation was very easy and the reporting is useful for troubleshooting

It had been a very successful story with this product with the features, has been very useful in troubleshooting issues with our international offices

FlowView , PathView

Low Barrier to entry product with immediate value.

The vendor has been very responsive and provided ongoing follow-up. This is especially notable given this was a low-cost solution compared to other vendors in the marketplace.


Breadth of visibility and in-depth capabilities are amazing for a solution that doesn't use proverbial SNMP. Can't wait for the global view!

Implementation was easy. Operational capabilities were more than what was expected. We have a fully managed MPLS network with 700 locations. As a result, we have no SNMP access due to the managed service provider policy. The AppNeta solution allowed us comprehensive visibility into our network I never thought possible with a tool that does not use SNMP. After deploying to approximately 50 locations, we identified our service provider was not providing the contractual bandwidth to several locations. The resulting credit from the service provider funded our purchase. In other words, our ROI was measured in about two months. We also have widespread VoIP implementations throughout our network. Our solution provider uses the AppNeta tool in order to validate quality across the network. They also use it to confirm DSCP precedence settings are maintained across the network. Once again, Appneta was able to confirm the service provider was changing the setting once it entered the WAN. These are but two examples that have impressed us and why we have yet to consider any other solution. We also have the same type of visibility into things like bandwidth usage, packet loss, jitter, etc., the same type of information seen in other solutions. The only struggle we have is obtaining a global view of the network. AppNeta is working on a solution, though.