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Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

The tool needs some updates to support the latest hardware however it works great now.

The product provides insight into vendor specific attributes. The ability to use this one tool to manage SDWAN as well as wireless was a huge win for us.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

Much better than Cisco Works. One of Cisco's better software offerings.

Cisco hasn't had a very good track record with their software in the past. Cisco Works was not a very cohesive product and honestly saw very little use in our infrastructure due to it's complexity and disjointed UI. However Cisco prime is a complete redesign from the ground up and it has helped us keep an eye out for issues and be far more proactive with our network.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

Wifi solution and Prime

The only issue we had is licensing - in when we actually upgraded the wifi - we used some of the "spare" units for coverage and had to then place an additional order for licenses.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

Once installed, setting up PI was simple.

We found PI very useful to troubleshoot and standardize wireless connectivity.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

prime for consolidation of tools

i realize prime was a newer product. However, the roadmap and the enhancements to date allowed us to consolidate tools and reduce costs.

Cisco Prime Collaboration (PC)

Very difficult to implement, use or even keep running

The product was very immature when originally purchased in 2012 and we have struggled to implement in production ever since. Prime Collaboration Provisioning Manager, in particular, has been difficult to use as advertised.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for SNMP

Straight forward implementation to migrate from LMS.

The implementation has been pretty straightforward. We've imported our data from LMS with no fuss and retained a majority of the same functionality.